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18 18  This release introduces a new (experimental) image dialog for the WYSIWYG editor and a new administration section to define image styles, with the goal to simplify the insertion and editing of images. On the same topic, the image popover now provides an image permalink and the image lightbox added the ability to copy the image identifier to clipboard to be used as link anchor or to be referenced by wiki macros. Finally, the images (or any files) uploaded through the WYSIWYG editor are not saved right away anymore but, instead, they create temporary attachments that are saved only when the edited content is saved. All these image related improvements, along with a lot of bug fixes, make this release worth trying.
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23 23  The following regressions were introduced in this release (and found after it was released). Please check them out and if they impact you we recommend waiting to upgrade to a version where they are fixed.
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40 40  = New and Noteworthy (since {{velocity}}$product{{/velocity}} 14.2.1) =
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