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75 75  The interface ##org.xwiki.officeimporter.converter.OfficeConverter## has been broken on purpose after [[an accepted proposal on the forum>>]]. This API was going to be broken because of the Jodconverter upgrade since the maintainer of the project moved their APIs to another package, so we took the opportunity to stop exposing in OfficeConverter classes coming from Jodconverter. Note that we introduced some new APIs to cover the usages we've seen for this API. Don't hesitate to open a feature request on Jira if some usages are not covered.
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77 +=== New Reset Password and Retrieve Username URLs ===
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79 +See above for more details. The old ##XWiki.ResetPassword## and ##XWiki.ForgotUsername## wiki pages must not be used anymore, and any custom change perform in those pages won't be taken into account (you'll need to port your changes to Java since the new feature is coded in Java). However, the pages have been kept to ensure that using the old URLs will keep working for the time being: the pages now redirect to the new URLs.
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77 77  == API Breakages ==
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79 79  The following APIs were modified since XWiki 13.0:

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