Release Notes for ActivityPub Application 1.3

Last modified by Manuel Leduc on 2020/10/27

This is the release notes for ActivityPub Application 1.3.

This is a small improvement release to facilitate the use of the share documents feature.

New and Noteworthy (since ActivityPub Application 1.2.1)

Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 1.3.

For Users

Share Document form improvements

The share document feature is now completed with additional explanations regarding the impact of the choice of the target users.

In addition, the default value of the target users field is now public.

For Admins

No changes!

For Developers

No changes!


The following translations have been updated: 


The following people have contributed code and translations to this release (sorted alphabetically):

  • Manuel Leduc
  • Simon Urli

The development of ActivityPub 1.3 has been partly funded by NLnet fundation as part of the NGI Search & Discovery call.

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