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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2017/05/31

Quick Editing Actions

You can now access most of the WYSIWYG editing features using the keyboard, just by typing / (slash). This opens the Quick Actions drop down that lists quick action suggestions based on the context. Rendering macros are exposed as quick actions. Checkout the CKEditor Integration documentation for more information.

Required Rights

When the rights of the current author are different from the rights of the page author, a required rights analyzer is executed.

This analyzer can raise a warning if:

  • the current user has more rights than the content author (e.g., a macro previously failing by lack of right might start being evaluated)
  • the current user has less rights than the content author (e.g., a macro previously working might stop working by lack of rights)

Note that this analysis is currently disabled by default. See the Admins section.

Quick Icon Insertion

You can now search for and insert icons using the keyboard, by typing / (slash) and selecting the icon Quick Action. This opens a drop down that lists all the available icons.

The PDF export is now generating internal links as much as possible. By internal links we mean links that make the PDF viewer scroll the target content into view rather than opening it in a web browser. The following types of internal links are supported:

  • links to a fragment from the same page that is included in the PDF export (e.g. #HDescription)
  • links to a fragment from another page that is included in the PDF export (e.g. /xwiki/bin/view/Other/Page#HDescription)
  • links to another page that is included in the PDF export (e.g. /xwiki/bin/view/Other/Page)

Internal links that use fragment identifiers are updated automatically, before printing the content to PDF, to target the corresponding global fragment identifier that is generated by the shared id generator used when rendering multiple pages for PDF export. In other words, having multiple sections with the same name in the PDF export shouldn't cause any problems because the links that target them are updated properly.

Checkout the PDF Export Application documentation for more information.

Warning when the dimensions are larger than the selected image

A warning message is displayed to the user when the width or height of an image are larger than the dimensions of the selected image.

More required rights analyzers

More required rights analyzers have been implemented, warning about rights required for UI extensions, HTML via the raw macro and correctly analyzing the content and parameters for the context and cache macro.

Improved Display of What's New

The display of the What's New Application has been improved to allow an easier differentiation between the different news items and better accessibility.

Improved required rights reporting

The reporting presented by the required rights analyzer is now just a summary of the impacted rights first, with the possibility to expand the details. This is done to prevent showing technical items to users by default.

Responsive Content in PDF Export

XWiki's user interface (UI) adapts automatically to the screen size (i.e. it's responsive), thanks to Bootstrap's grid system, and this sometimes applies even to the wiki page content. For instance the page content could be split into columns, the number of columns depending on the available screen width: a single column on extra small devices, 2 columns on small devices, 3 columns on medium and large devices. When exporting such a page to PDF the outcome can be different than what you see in view mode because the available width depends on the print page size which is different than the screen size. Starting with this version we're adapting Bootstrap's grid system for print media, in order to have a more predictable outcome:

  • extra small print: anything less than A4 portrait width => should match the behaviour from extra small screens
  • small print: A4 portrait up to A4 landscape => should match the behaviour from small screens
  • medium print: A4 landscape up to A3 landscape => should match the behaviour from medium screens
  • large print: A3 landscape and up => should match the behaviour from large screens

By default the PDF export uses the A4 print page size so it should match the behaviour from small screens. See the PDF Export Application for more information.

Icon Macro

A new icon macro has been introduced. It supports displaying an icon from the current or a chosen icon set and can thus be used to display icons that are consistent with XWiki's UI.

What's New in XWiki

Displays news about XWiki and its ecosystem, directly into your XWiki instance.

New Watch button state

The behaviour of watch buttons have changed to be more accurate regarding users' custom notification filters: if users have filters concerning some specific events only (e.g. a filter to watch mention on the whole wiki) the watch buttons will be displayed as "undecided". The idea is to expose to the users that "some events" are actually watched for that page, space or wiki.

Also using the watch buttons might disable some already existing custom filters, if those are concerning the exact same location and are contradictory. So for example, if a filter has been created to ignore mentions on a specific space, and the user decides to watch this space, then automatically the filter to ignore mention will be disabled. It can be enabled back manually by the user through the notification settings.

Quick Image Insertion

You can now search for and insert images using the keyboard, by typing / (slash) and selecting the image Quick Action. This opens a drop down that lists latest images uploaded to the page and to the whole wiki. You can also upload new images directly from the drop down. Checkout the CKEditor Integration documentation for more information.

Headings appearance

In order to make headings easier to ready, they are now bolder. In addition, the size difference between two adjacent levels is larger.

Quick Link to a new Attachment

You can now upload and link to an attachment using the keyboard, by typing / (slash) and selecting the Link Quick Action. This opens a drop-down that now supports uploading attachments.

Default radius of UI elements

The default radius of UI elements of the Flamingo Skin are now larger (about 1.75 times larger) by default.

Buttons appearance

We made some changes on the visual aspect of buttons:

  • the gradient on the buttons background has been removed
  • buttons are now borderless, except for the default buttons since they have the same background as the default background

Live Data in Batch Restore

The list of deleted pages that is displayed when restoring a batch of pages uses Live Data instead of Livetable.

Tags are hidden when there are none

When there aren't any tags assigned to a page, the text “Tags:” is no longer displayed at the bottom of the page unless the user has edit rights.

Limit parameter in tag cloud

The tag cloud macro supports a new parameter to limit the number of tags to the n most occurring tags.

More required rights analyzers

Even more required rights analyzers have been added in XWiki 15.10, now analyzing HTML Macros, translation documents, gadgets, icon sets, and configurable sections.

Pre-edit check can be cached

When editing a page, once a pre-edit check result is presented to the user, it will not be presented again unless something changed. For instance, once a user chooses to edit a page owned by an extension, he or she will not be warned again. However, if a page is locked twice by different users, they will be warned at each edit attempt.

Suggestions for the wiki macro parameter type

It's now easier to decide what value to set in the wiki macro parameter type as suggestions are proposed: "Unknown" (the default), and "Wiki" for a parameter containing wiki markup. It's still possible to explicitly set the Java type to use.

Available macros sorted by id

The available macros list is now sorted by ascending macro ids.

TOC macro numbered property

The numbered property of the Table of Content macro is now marked as advanced and is only proposed in the "more" section of the macro configuration dialog. This is because we're now offering a Numbered Content Application covering the numbering use case in a better way.

Home page change

The Youtube video located on the XWiki Standard flavor's home page has been removed (for privacy reasons and also for increased usability, as the underlying markup was complex to understand for users).

Empty Line Placeholder

A placeholder text is now displayed on currently focused empty lines. By default it indicates the type of content block that holds the caret (e.g. paragraph, heading, list item, etc.), but it could also show tips on how to use the editor in that particular context. This is for instance used to advertise the Quick Actions shortcut (slash). Checkout the CKEditor Integration documentation for more information.

Common User Name Differentiator

The user picker can now be configured to show additional information about the listed users (e.g. the user address or user position within the organisation) in order to help you distinguish between users with similar names. Check out the User Module documentation for more information.

PDF Export Size Limit

The default PDF export size limit has been increased from 100KB to 5MB and is now applied only when exporting multiple wiki pages. Checkout the PDF Export Application documentation for more information.

Set email grouping strategy per scheduler

The email grouping strategy can be defined at different levels (per wiki, and per user) and is specific for a given scheduler, using a new dedicated XObject XWiki.Notifications.Code.NotificationEmailGroupingStrategyPreferenceClass.

So an admin can add one or severals xobjects in XWiki.XWikiPreferences for defining the different strategies for each scheduler, at wiki level: the xobject needs to contain the name of the strategy to use, and the name of scheduler (hourly, daily, weekly or live).
This value can be overridden by a user if they perform adding the same type of xobject in their own user profile.

Increasing contrast

The info button of the Flamingo Theme is now increased to conform to the minimum contrast defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


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