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Survey on XWiki Features

This survey aims at letting us know which features you're looking forward having in XWiki.

Please rate each feature on a scale ranging from 0 to 5 to let us know which ones are of interest to you. 0 means you don't care about it, 5 means you want it bad.


  • If you put 5s everywhere, we won't learn much ;-)
  • No question is mandatory - simply skip those you don't care about

New features

This section is about features that are not available in XWiki as of today.

 Let us know which ones you're looking forward using.

Improve / Polish

This section is about existing features that could benefit from improvements.

Tell us which features you want to be more polished.


This section is about external tools that could be integrated with XWiki. Please let us know which tools are of interest to you.

Vertical solutions

Vertical solutions are solutions aimed at a specific market, built on top of the XWiki Platform. They integrate together multiple modules to create a specific solution.

An example of vertical solution is the XWiki Watch product, aimed at collaborative competitive intelligence.


This section is about ways that XWiki can be distributed and deployed in various settings.

Thanks for your participation!

Survey results will be summarized and made available through and our mailing lists.

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