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7 7  |=Company|=Software|=Support provided
8 8  |[[XWiki SAS>>]]|[[image:xwikisas.png]]|Financing developers to work on the XWiki open source project, financing the infrastructure and offering a free [[XWiki farm>>]] for non profit companies and individuals. For more details about XWiki SAS's commitment to open source, see its [[Manifesto>>]] and [[Values>>]].
9 9  |[[OW2>>]]|[[image:ow2.png]]|XWiki is an [[OW2 project>>]]
10 -|[[JetBrains>>]]|[[image:intellijidea.png]]|[[Free IntelliJ IDEA licenses>>dev:Community.DevelopmentTools]] for XWiki developers
11 -|[[JetBrains>>]]|[[image:teamcity.png]]|Free TeamCity licenses for the XWiki project [[continuous integration build>>]]
10 +|[[JetBrains>>]]|(((
11 +{{html}}
12 +<a href="" style="display:block; background:#0d3a9e url( no-repeat 0 0; border:solid 1px #0d3a9e; margin:0;padding:0;text-decoration:none;text-indent:0;letter-spacing:-0.001em; width:252px; height:58px" alt="IDE for professional JavaScript development with AJAX ready refactorings" title="IDE for professional JavaScript development with AJAX ready refactorings"><span style="margin: -3px 0 0 42px;padding: 0;float: left;font-size: 10px;cursor:pointer; background-image:none;border:0;color: #acc4f9; font-family: trebuchet ms,arial,sans-serif;font-weight: normal;text-align:left;">Can't code without</span><span style="margin:33px 0 0 7px;padding:0 0 2px 0; line-height:12px;font-size:10px;cursor:pointer; background-image:none;border:0;display:block;width:240px; color:#acc4f9; font-family:trebuchet ms,arial,sans-serif;font-weight: normal;text-align:left;">IDE for professional JavaScript <br/>development with AJAX ready refactorings</span></a>
13 +{{/html}}
14 +)))|[[Free IntelliJ IDEA licenses>>dev:Community.DevelopmentTools]] for XWiki developers
12 12  |[[Atlassian>>htttp://]]|[[image:jira.png]]|Free JIRA licenses for managing the XWiki project
13 13  |[[YourKit>>]]|[[image:yourkit.gif]]|Free license to the [[YourKit Java profiler>>]] for profiling XWiki
14 14  |[[Atlassian>>htttp://]]|[[image:fisheye.png]]|[[Fisheye instance scanning XWiki>>]] hosted by Atlassian/Contegix
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19 19  
20 20  {{velocity}}
21 21  #*
25 +
26 +We need to find a way to reference all external resources used, not just 3... We depend on more than 60 other projects.
27 +
22 22  |=Project URL|=Project Logo|=Area used
23 23  |[[Tango Desktop Project>>]]|[[image:tango.png]]|Free Icon set used on several pages (for example on the [[XWiki Enterprise feature page>>enterprise:Main.Features]])
24 24  |[[Silk Icons>>]]|[[image:silk.png]]|Our default icons set since 2009

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