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4 4  If you're interested to add your own testimonial, please register and edit the page or add a testimonial as a comment. You can also blog about it, tweet it, etc. This is one of the ways to [[contribute>>dev:Community.Contributing]] to the XWiki project.
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7 +* 23rd of February 2020, from [[Gtothill>>]]:(((
8 +> Thank you for your clear and informative answer. It is much appreciated. We have subsequently registered further extensions. Thank you and the team for such a robust and effective platform. As above, I have migrated away from Confluence and couldn’t be happier. I use XWiki every day and it makes me hugely productive.
9 +)))
7 7  * 20th of October 2020, from [[Jeff Turner>>]]:(((
8 8  > I hope XWiki folks are having a well-deserved "I told you so" moment. All those years XWiki plugged away at the open source model, while us in the Atlassian camp believed Confluence was "open enough". Joke's on us.
9 9  )))

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