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402 402  * Sent 20/7/16 14:53:53:(((
403 403  > Improve documentation (is somewhat outdated in some areas)
404 404  )))
405 +* Sent 19/05/16, from Manuel Chaverra:(((
406 +> Hi everyone,
407 +>
408 +>Before I send my feedback I have to say that english is not my first language, so I apologize for my english.
409 +>
410 +>I'm new using XWiki and I'm having a problem when I try to customize any color theme. When I choose an existing color theme and try to customize it, the theme editor saves the changes but it never applies it to my XWiki. But, when I create a color theme with the configuration I want, the theme editor saves it correctly and applies it to my XWiki, this is OK, the problem comes when I want to change anything in the theme I created because it make the same thing I first say (Save the changes but don't apply them).
411 +>
412 +>I hope I made myself clear.
413 +>
414 +>Thank you for reading and please help me to solve this problem.
415 +>
416 +>Cheers.
417 +)))
405 405  * Sent 29/04/16 05:31:47:(((
406 406  > Better documentation would do you a lot of good. You should also consider archiving all information related to older releases. You still have Version 2 documentation when you are at Version 8. It would make it much easier to update, read and learn from your documentation if is was limited to just the latest and greatest or at least the LTS release.
407 407  )))

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