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1 Here are some excerpts of what users have said while filling the [[download form>>DownloadCode.DownloadFeedback]].
3 * Sent 17/02/19 02:55:40:(((
4 > I'm really amazed with XWiki! If I could ask for something more, it would be:
5 > 1) Better documentation for Extensions, including screenshots or, better still, installation and usage tutorials ~-~- I have spent a lot of time installing, trying out, and uninstalling extensions; ~-~-
6 > 2) Improvements to the Presentation Application, in particular, finer control of text and image position/format;
7 > 3) Support for Scala and R (Renjin) scripts; 4) Any way to connect XWiki to web apps with live code, such as Jupyter notebooks?
8 >
9 > Congrats on developing and maintaining XWiki, it's quite an achievement!
10 )))
11 * Sent 19/10/18 14:47:40:(((
12 > I would appreciate page previews for internal links as now implemented on wikipedia. Also, in office environment pdfs are often used, but creating links to a page in a pdf attachement to xWiki is rather tedious. So, I would appreciate a new Link type for pdf with an optional parametrer page number or pdf anchor.
13 )))
14 * Sent 04/10/18 11:04:41:(((
15 > Table editing is not intuitive. Confluence handles this much better in the GUI (even though they have bugs, but they have much more functionality). This is a reason why I don't choose Xwiki.
16 )))
17 * Sent 12/09/18 16:03:03:(((
18 > One small thing in the "create page" dialog: Add a button "Create and go up" (in the folder hierarchy), so that you can quickly create a page and then go up to the root page of the previously created one and create another page and so on.
19 >
20 > I love FOSS, and am a Linux user myself. Keep up the good work! :)
21 > Cheers
23 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
25 > After you've created a page you can quickly go up, by clicking in the previous hierarchy item in the breadcrumb, then click create page from there.
26 )))
27 * Sent 28/08/18 12:31:15:(((
28 > I'm using Apache and GSSAPI to front an instance of XWiki with LDAP to populate the user table on demand. This allows my Active Directory-Domain-joined Windows PC users to authenticate seamlessly and transparently so that they are automatically logged in to XWiki but without being prompted for credentials.
29 >
30 > I see that every single request for an object triggers an LDAP lookup on AD. This set up would really benefit from some sort of credential caching or cookie-based session management. I haven't found anything definite yet but I'm going to re-investigate the Trusted Authentication Framework later to see if that will handle both LDAP and session cookies. The documentation on this particular subject is very hazy. If you would me to try and write up a recipe I'll see if I can do so.
31 >
32 > Oh yes. In a past employment I was a big fan of Confluence. In my current role with this particular Not For Profit it's simply not affordable. XWiki looks like a fantastic alternative. What I don't see is a "donate here" opportunity to thank you all (well, some of you, I suspect) for your time and effort on this application.
33 )))
34 * Sent 15/08/18 07:11:03:(((
35 > Overall, our research team is quite happy with the Xwiki experience.
36 >
37 > I think one of the key things I have found lacking is the ability to easily backup and restore. And this is really crucial as the internal database and settings grow over time. I think a simple front-end interface to allow a user to backup the entire wiki, perhaps export to a tarball, and be able to restore from the tarball would be really useful.
39 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
41 > Actually it's quite easy to backup and restore XWiki. See [[this guide>>doc:Documentation.AdminGuide.Backup]].
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43 * Sent 8/10/2018 21:31:27:(((
44 > bundle a quick perl script in with it for actually copying the war to tomcat, so it automatically picks the best driver for postgres or w/e data source
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46 * Sent 07/08/18 14:38:55:(((
47 > favorites /watchlist unmanageable (here)
48 > search is completely screwed
49 )))
50 * Sent 03/08/18 01:54:40:(((
51 > Changing default theme for uregistered users is not possible - my team would be very happy if you have fixed that.
52 > It also would be great to see access rights by mimicking some other user.
53 )))
54 * Sent 27/07/18 12:31:06:(((
55 > Absolutely everything is difficult and badly documented if not ambiguous, even the scaling above this doesn't state which is true/false/better/worse, 0 or 5. I'm using 0 for no/dontagree-type answers, 5 for yes/agree-type answers.
56 >
57 > After weeks trying to set it up one issue after another when I finally pulled my user directory from AD (and having to settle for a flat-type database because every other database was impossible to setup even though I'm using MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL in other projects without issues) when I tried something as simple as update the profile pictures, it broke again.
58 >
59 > Some users were imported as XWiki.<username> others just as <username>. I usually don't have this many issues setting up anything, even federation services as a piece of cake compared to XWiki. Confluence takes about five minutes to setup in Windows, a little more on Linux if you're not that savvy.
60 >
61 > I don't know if information is purposely left out in the documentation to push consulting or not, but you'd be only hurting yourself if it is. I hope to be wrong.
62 >
63 > I'm deleting the VM where I have XWiki straight away and replacing it with another to reinstall Confluence and restore my license that started running back mid-April when I decided to try XWiki along Confluence then lost sight of it obsessing over XWiki not working.
64 >
65 > I really wanted XWiki because it doesn't limit on user quantity and the website talked a big game about design ~-~- yet no examples are shown, BTW. Anyway, I hope your project gets better; though it's already on version 10.5, shouldn't that achieved by now.~-~-
66 )))
67 * Sent 26/07/18 09:37:54 (translated from Mandarin)(((
68 > Chinese interface is not all Chinese
69 > Jdk CPU usage is too high when using jdk+tomcat 300%-500*% can only close the page and wait for the CPU to come down
70 )))
71 * Sent 03/07/18 19:06:25:(((
72 > - PDF Export quite unusable
73 > - Image Lightbox Feature out of the box via WYSIWYG Editor is desperately needed
74 > - Upgrade from xwiki 8.4.5 to 10.5 is quite the Challenge..
75 )))
76 * Sent 21/06/18 09:01:18:(((
77 > The navigation component is slow to refresh and doesn't remember its state as your navigate between pages
78 >
79 > There needs to be easier, and clearer installation, especially for cloud installs.
80 > Also better documentation on performance tuning
81 )))
82 * Sent 6/3/2018 18:25:34:(((
83 > Maybe a light weight flavor? I installed in an AWS Lightsail VPS with 1G RAM and installing the standard flavor was unable to finish. IDK, maybe i should've not installed a flavor and just hand picked some extensions as I needed them.
84 >
85 > Overkill for a personal project with a small number of users. Using MediaWiki with Bluespice instead, because it seems to run better with my instance resources.
86 )))
87 * Sent 29/05/18 12:33:58:(((
88 > Obtuse instructions. "How do I delete the Sandbox space (application)?" "Delete the Sandbox.WebPreferences." Uhhhhh???
89 )))
90 * Sent 12/05/18 17:21:51:(((
91 > First, I want to thank you for the big job provided. Even if I have critics.
92 > 1 Does not work with java 10. I had to go back to some 8 to make it work. So, it would be best to simply say: works with THIS version (the one you use to test, since java is still shit because not able to provide upgrade compatibility).
93 > 2 Why not create a simple screen where the user say I use (eg) Tomcat and Mysql on Linux and you could concatenate the scripts needed to init these tools (in the WAR install). Because, I am sorry to say, your doc is not user friendly)
94 >
95 > My company uses a lot of free software/open source. I am the boss, and even if the company is still small, I'd like to contribute with some money (eg:100€ (120USD) per month), if you can provide an invoice?
96 > But I can't find this option on the website. A simple 'help contribution page' would be welcome. I have no time to participate on developement. But if you need some fast help on Oracle software, I am quite an expert on this one. (even if I don't like java).
97 )))
98 * Sent 5/4/2018 13:37:28:(((
99 > Office-Importer (Word): scales images. Should be integrated 100%
100 > Installation / configururation: for a non-professional (Ubuntu) hard to understand where everything is (application, data, webapp?!?)
101 > After install/configuration: how can I do more specific configuration? e.g. modify applications (office importer image scale, size limits of importable office documents)
102 )))
103 * Sent 4/12/2018 10:12:57:(((
104 > I like use xwiki in wilfly 10 but it dont work. The oficial documentation is bad and dont work.
105 >
106 > It need to be simple to deploy in wildfly. We need more clear informantions in oficial documentation.
107 )))
108 * Sent 09/04/18 14:40:17:(((
109 > - More focus on simplicity. It currently takes some time to get started and while setting up XWiki we had to try several settings and play around a lot. The wysiwyg editor is nice but takes some time to get used to as well. Since we are an organization with mostly non-technical people, we have a hard time getting everybody to speed.
110 > - We didn't find a way to use the WebSocket Plugin behind a reverse proxy.
111 > - Pageload times are usually fine, however as soon as the PageTree gets huge it increases noticeably.
112 > - Template Creation is a 2-step process. You have to create the page first. It would be awesome to have this in one step. Maybe even an option like "save as template" for advanced users. Admins could review the templates and enable them wiki-wide.
113 > - Being technical your docs are awesome. However, non-technical people usually ask for a quick write up. Something like getting started with xwiki in 5 minutes.
114 > - The first time we used xwiki, we were confused by the page menu on the left hand side. It is not obvious that creating pages in the "Home" tree creates pages which are visible in the menu on the base level.
115 >
116 > Keep up the awesome work! :-)
117 )))
118 * Sent 30/03/18 19:45:43:(((
119 > The documentation is a bit difficult to follow. It is apparent that English is not the first language for many of the writers which makes for some ambiguous instructions.
120 )))
121 * Sent 10/03/18 07:50:46:(((
122 > - built-in integration with Slack
123 > - better notifications handling / more options
124 > - better RSS support: many services I've used with XWiki complain about RSS format problems
125 )))
126 * Sent 02/03/18 23:31:34:(((
127 > Hi there, using the latest flavor I am very happy with xwiki. However, I had to get my hands dirty deep in my debian to get things working smoothly. I find too bad the server takes 10 minutes to start because of a single stupid jar scanning files parameters (okay, that's tomcat). Documentation is too light IMHO and I had to scratch my head for some evenings to get it working with my nginx setup in reverse proxy.
128 )))
129 * Sent 2/6/2018 9:55:59:(((
130 > For some coustomizing features I'm missing more documentation or examples
131 )))
132 * Sent 24/01/18 16:13:56:(((
133 > Real markdown support. Currently this is very shaky, usable only for simple documents, but when it gets more complicated, formatting is weird. UI also suggests that I can change the formatting after the document has been created, but this rarely works.
134 >
135 > Good that i can be locally installed and programmed etc.
136 )))
137 * Sent 11/12/17 11:42:45:(((
138 > * when used as a knowledge base, it feels too heavyweight, complex, not very Wiki like, more like a full CMS, e.g. typing simple WikiLinks should create a link
139 > * pages should be auto-saved
140 > * MarkDown support by default
141 >
142 > like the professional and clean, Java based approach, very feature rich and evolved over a long time
143 )))
144 * Sent 27/11/17 14:36:06:(((
145 > To be fair, I am used to Confluence and MediaWiki (also Twiki, but not often).
146 > I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 but simple things don't seem to work, like the Code macro. And it's very difficult to understand why. I am a software developer, and while I would like to take the time to debug, diving into the Wiki code (a productivity app) while attempting to document other projects just can't be a priority right now, so we'll probably move on to a different platform.
147 )))
148 * Sent 17/11/17 21:30:00:(((
149 > A simple documentation flavour (minimal set of pages and extensions)
150 )))
151 * Sent 15/11/17 15:54:54:(((
152 > For some reason I cannot see more than 2 subelement in the navigation menu.
153 > Also, moving a page is a nightmare -> In the most cases, I can't. And I don't know why or how to achieve my goal. The only feedback is "Forbidden sign".
154 )))
155 * Sent 11/11/17 14:40:56:(((
156 > Some of the workflows seem a bit complicated, for example: create page, save it immediately, go and add attachments in view, edit the page again to link the attachments.
157 >
158 > Forms and Apps seem complicated - I tried making one but it didn't work as I expected. I probably need to do more reading about this.
159 >
160 > I looked at a number of wiki projects to use at work (we are replacing mediawiki) and XWiki was easily ahead of the others. It also won out over Confluence which I guess many people would see as the class-leading "enterprise wiki".
161 >
162 > Thank you for all the work over so many years to make this project such a success.
163 )))
164 * Sent 02/11/17 01:55:34:(((
165 > Option to change the name of the installed standard flavor (ie 'foobar' instead of 'xwiki')
166 > Better documentation of updating / modifying navigation / panels.
167 > Ordering of entries in navigation panel.
168 )))
169 * Sent 20/10/17 17:12:48:(((
170 > Some things are way too complicated in my opinion. What just comes to my mind:
171 > - theming (css? less? velocity?)
172 > - upgrading to a more recent version
173 > ...
174 >
175 > Having wordpress in the back of my head, they're doing much better in simplicity. Of course, xwiki is a completely different story, with many, many great tricks under the hood :)
176 >
177 > The forum guys are great. I also appreciate the work you're putting into this - over all it's awesome!
178 )))
179 * Sent 9/29/2017 23:43:46:(((
180 > I really liked the one step Windows installer for initial testing, but had to spend much more time getting the production capable combination up and running manually. I do like the Docker Containers though.
181 >
182 > Just want to say that the XWiki website is excellent and contains all the information one would need to get started. To me, XWiki is the best open source wiki engine I've come across. Thanks very much to the XWiki team for putting this together and making it available!
183 )))
184 * Sent 28/09/17 08:19:39:(((
185 > a visual document diff would be nice
186 > friendlier looking than the terminal plus and minus style
187 > e.g.
188 >
189 > "?q=netbeans visual diff" led me to these
190 >
191 >
192 >
193 >
194 >
195 >
196 > Thank you for sticking with making what is, in my opinion, the most fully featured wiki available for folks that don't want mediawiki.
197 )))
198 * Sent 9/24/2017 19:01:14:(((
199 > - Do not redraw navigation tree each time i click some node.
200 > - Include more features to editor. There are many of them now available only from "source" (for example text color) or from another editor, which in turns have another disadvantages.
201 )))
202 * Sent 24/09/17 23:12:44:(((
203 > Production version should have a graphical installer so it can be easily and quickly installed and setup. Otherwise depending on the user installing to know what they are doing to configure and get things working when they are looking for something simple and quick to setup to start using.
204 )))
205 * Sent 9/17/2017 22:55:06:(((
206 > Make it more user friendly
207 )))
208 * Sent 11/09/17 16:16:26:(((
209 > Social Login module is totally broken and not works, but in 2k17 year this module MUST HAVE.
210 )))
211 * Sent 9/7/2017 0:14:33:(((
212 > I'm very inexperienced, but it seems the editor is a little clunky to put a large set of names together. I would like some way of tagging entries and have them appear in a prompt list for example.
213 >
214 > I'm really happy with the product so far. It's very extensible. This is important because I'm not 100% certain what is the best layout for my pages.
215 )))
216 * Sent 8/22/2017 13:33:29:(((
217 > MathJax/Katex latex renderer instead of pictures
219 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
221 > I'm not an expert on this but the [[Formula Macro>>doc:extensions:Extension.Formula Macro]] has [[different configurations>>doc:extensions:Extension.Formula Macro||anchor="HTechnicalinformation"]]. Wouldn't that fit your need?
222 )))
223 * Sent 8/16/2017 20:11:42:(((
224 > During our evaluation phase I repeatedly installed on a virtual box based centos6 vm on my macbook. On some of the installations I didn't get the option to download a skin which made that installation useless. When we installed for actual use we didn't have that problem.
225 )))
226 * Sent 23/07/17 14:58:01:(((
227 > I am really enjoying using this (VERY) neat WYSIWYG Wiki... My only frustration is that, with the default skin, a lot of my screen real-estate is taken with headers and titles - leaving little room left for content without scrolling. (My web browser is usually 'zoomed in' - which exaggerates this.) I wish it were easier to quickly "try" some other skins, and find one that leaves more screen real-estate for my content.
228 >
229 > I am using XWiki for 'notes' and to tie together menus for various web applications.
230 )))
231 * Sent 03/08/17 20:05:15:(((
232 > Dashboard Design - Ready to start designs / Templates - improvement in navigation
233 >
234 > Missing features: Professional project management with milestones, deadlines, effort, time measuring, UML diagram support
235 )))
236 * Sent 05/07/17 14:36:29:(((
237 > I would like to have a nice list for IP-adresses (in our own develope-area), where everybody could check easily, which IP-adresses are in use or not.
238 > If something like this already exists, I could not find it yet. The List should have a Dropdown menue and a calculator, so you will see the available adresses.
239 )))
240 * Sent 6/12/2017 13:03:30:(((
241 > If you kill the browser while a page is being moved, the wiki gets broken.
242 )))
243 * Sent 02/06/17 17:17:31:(((
244 > finer granularity of rights and tasks. It's a pain to have to be admin just to edit templates or move pages around a wiki. Would be better to let us configure which access level corresponds to which rights/tasks.
245 > ability to export/import templates, so they can more easily be shared across wikis
246 > thanks for your work, team!
247 )))
248 * Sent 07/06/17 12:05:33:(((
249 > Documentation must be updated and more detailled. Especially for Windows / MS SQL systems. Otherwise it's a great system.
250 )))
251 * Sent 29/05/17 22:41:50:(((
252 > Make it easier to have a Linux command-line installation. Or use another high-usability approach like a wizard.
253 > I can't tell if your project is live from Linux Mint. I added the stable source, but can't pull up xwiki-*. Is your project alive, and if so, could I have current instructions to install it from the Linux command live?
254 > (I'm sorry if it sounds rude to ask if you project is live, but I am extremely confused by the discrepancy between what the website claims and what I am (not) getting to show up using aptitude.)
255 )))
256 * Sent 26/04/17 16:36:36:(((
257 > 1- Speed
258 > 2- Installation with Debian package is fine, but doing it manually is not as easy as expected.
259 > 3- Missing: Viewing permissions and inherited permissions for users and groups (and subgroups) in a site-map or as a tree for single user or group
260 > 4- Missing: Definition and distinction of groups and subgroups. I wanted to know, which way down it will be inherited and how to set it up (best practice)
261 > 5- Missing: An alternative to the xwiki navigation entry
262 > 6- Missing: List of orphaned pages
264 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
266 > Regarding point 6, we no longer have orphaned pages now that we have nested pages! You always create pages in a hierarchy. That's why we removed the ability to see orphaned pages!
267 > For points 1, 2, 5 we'd need more details.
268 )))
269 * Sent 22/05/17 03:21:57:(((
270 > The Extensions lack adequate descriptions. Mostly there is just a single line and I will have to install an extension just to understand what it does.
272 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
274 > I don't find this to be a fair statement. The large majority of Extensions have nice descriptions. Also several Extensions are contributed by the XWiki community at large and not by the XWiki Dev Team so we don't control those. Could you let us know which specific Extension you find is lacking description?
275 )))
276 * Sent 06/05/17 12:00:00:(((
277 > Hello! There is very lack simple data backup. The lack of a simple backup of all data (via the web interface) greatly limits the use of Xwiki. Such a backup is available at Confluence.
278 > Another disadvantage is a complicated backup and a complicated installation.
279 )))
280 * Sent 22/04/17 22:47:10:(((
281 > speed, everything is so slooooooow, xwiki takes 5min to start after reboot (well actually I think this is "normal" for Java/Tomcat but that doesn't make anything better)
282 )))
283 * Sent 4/22/2017 5:09:10:(((
284 > Would you please add digest-md5 in ldap Authentication,instead of simple?
285 )))
286 * Sent 4/16/2017 10:12:55:(((
287 > More Cookbooks. There is often a lack of documentation so I can not really use many features and functions. So I am starting now looking into the code. But this is time comsuming.
288 > May be sell usefull apps or functions like the integration of onlyOffice where people have to pay something.
290 May be write a book or a wiki about how to use and extend xwiki. Give access to this for a fee. At the moment my impression and personal experience is that documentation is avaoid because of costs.
292 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
294 > Regarding OnlyOffice there's an [[OnlyOffice Paying Application>>]]
295 )))
296 * Sent 4/11/2017 7:52:49:(((
297 > It would be better to make it easy to add applicaiton . and when i make the link, The new page creation menu is not being on top-down menu over "Wiki Page , Attached File , Web page... , Email address ". So, If there is the new page or add page menu of them, It would be confortable.
298 )))
299 * Sent 06/04/17 16:19:25:(((
300 > simplified group / user management
301 > simplified rights management
302 > simplified upgrade
303 >
304 > There are too many branches (9.0 9.1 9.2 ...) while there are fewer maintenance releases.
305 > it's hard to keep up; as there is no simple upgrade mechanism (except to export and import everything)
306 > I know features are important (we make software), but stability and reassurance there are bugfixes is important as a user.
307 >
308 > But all in all: i'm trying to convince the company to quit confluence in favor of xWiki. So keep up the good work!
310 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
312 > Regarding branches, we only [[support 3 branches>>xwiki:Main.Support]]:
313 > - the LTS branch. That's the one you should use to have a super stable version.
314 > - the latest stable branch. new features but less stable than the LTS.
315 > - the development branch. Work in progress
316 )))
317 * Sent 3/1/2017 9:31:17:(((
318 > more simple and easy maintenance
319 > Beautiful page design will attract more people
320 )))
321 * Sent 2/24/2017 23:14:26:(((
322 > Better and more complete user and admin documentation
323 > Great job!
324 )))
325 * 09/02/17 18:42:52:(((
326 > I would love to see indenting for non-list things, like text (including block text) and images. That really makes pages easier to read. Also, I would love more text formatting options, like simply setting the color of a section of text. I find that I (too) OFTEN have to resort to editing the source with "(% style="" %)" tags to achieve the look that I want. Normal users largely will not resort to that, so the resulting pages are much less impactful. Table properties could be expanded, for example to allow a background color on a row. Last, and most minor, would be an additional property on the image object to add a simple border. When a screen capture is done on the same background color that the wiki page uses, the lack of visible boundary can disrupt the impact of the graphic.
327 > The server hosting xwiki is in India, and I am in the U.S. I am surprised how well it performs. Not lightning fast, of course, but still very usable.
328 )))
329 * Sent 2/6/2017 7:38:23:(((
330 > I want to write mathematic formula using Xwiki. The mimetex.cgi, for example, would be fine to be integrated in Xwiki.
331 > It's very comfortable using Xwiki. thank you!
333 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
335 > You should try to use the bundled [[Formula Macro>>extensions:Extension.Formula Macro]].
336 )))
337 * Sent 1/26/2017 19:53:34:(((
338 > I'm a student, so I need some features like note-taking, using xwiki like a blog, previously I was using dokuwiki and tiddlywiki, some features from these personal wikis should be inherited to xwiki to use it for wide range of applications
339 )))
340 * Sent 06/01/17 22:51:20:(((
341 > Code format does not work, nor smalltext format and others, the format info is lost after preview or save.
342 )))
343 * Sent 1/5/2017 22:40:12:(((
344 > It won't install in Glassfish 4.1.1 it won't run in Tomcat 9. I've lost 2-3 days and would rather start over with something else, were it my decision
347 **Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev)**:
349 > I contacted Douglas and asked him to post on the list which he did and his problems were [[solved on the list>>]].
350 )))
351 * Sent 12/30/2016 11:44:43:(((
352 > The migration works very badly that need to improve. More than 50% of pages are broken after migrated from 6.4 to 8.4
353 )))
354 * Sent 12/29/2016 20:58:53:(((
355 > More than one Wiki setup, in a easy way to handle.
356 )))
357 * Sent 30/11/16 14:04:59:(((
358 > Most enterprises (and even smaller organizations) use some kind of directory service for user authentication and group management (e.g. OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Samba). XWiki currently (to my knowledge) supports static mapping between local XWiki Groups and LDAP (security) groups based on Distinguished Name (dn). Maintaining lots of such groups quickly becomes tedious as LDAP groups are created, removed, renamed, and relocated. This has to be kept synchronized with the static configuration within XWiki and is prone to errors. I suggest some kind of automated mechanism for supporting external (security) groups with a configurable key of various data types. As an example, in Active Directory, a possible attribute to use is the "objectGUID" ( which is a 16-byte value, since it is the same during an object's entire life cycle. That way, role management within XWiki can be centrally managed using already existing tools, aligning management with already established business processes.
360 **Answer from Thomas Mortagne (XWiki Core Dev)**:
362 > LDAP groups are not only LDAP DNs, you can also use LDAP filters and organization units. So in your case it would probably be something like ##XWiki.MyXWikiGroup=(objectGUID=someguid)##. See the examples in [[the xwiki.cfg file>>extensions:Extension.LDAP.Authenticator||anchor="HGenericLDAPconfiguration"]].
363 )))
364 * Sent 11/30/2016 6:56:27:(((
365 > Your official xwiki side is for me the reference. I can see several useful UI components there which I do not know how to reuse/build in my xwiki project. I’d like to have some kind of “showroom” where we can see list of available components and example how to build it.
366 )))
367 * Sent 10/11/2016 3:58:(((
368 > I have recently tried your XWiki product with different deployment methods. In general XWiki works really well, quite easy to use, and the access to the source editing with XWiki syntax is powerful.
369 > - Installation: should be more stable (I couldn't install in on a Linux docker container, even though I tried all types of DEB packages
370 > - I haven't tried on a real Linux server). The Zip deployment on Windows works great though. Flexibity of choosing diffrent deployment methods is good, but if it's hard to keep all options work fine, I suggest only support Zip and WAR deployment, as these options should work for most normal usage scenarios.
371 > - UX/UI: Generally, UX is good, the onboarding tutorial is nice and very useful. UI is quite modern and looks nice compared to other wiki softwares. However, few things could be improved: The organization of the left menu could be simplified a bit. UI should have more consistent look and feel (now it is flat UI here, 3D there, font size varies from place to place, etc.) Would be nice to see it in 100% Bootstrap 3. Also, the default formatting for tables could be improved. Comming from Confluence I miss the way they treat tables (and the whole editor in general): that is some kind of common sense that made table look/work good enough yet simple enough for almost all kind of uses. So when using XWiki I always add a simple grey background to all table header columns/rows (but it took a little bit of learning the xwiki syntax). And I still prefer the UI for creating table on Confluence.
372 > - Security: for the on-premise delployment package, please don't use a default password for Admin, that's a very bad security practice (a lot of people will forget to change that password, see more here:, I suggest dynamically generating amdin password when xwiki starts the first time, then print it out in the console or a local file, then force user to change it when they first log in.
373 )))
374 * Sent 22/09/2016 19:15:22:(((
375 > Instead of refreshing the entire page as I navigate it would be nice if only the body of the page refreshed and the navigation stay static (unless I add a new page of course.)
376 > I am quite happy with XWiki. Thanks for reaching out to me.
377 )))
378 * Sent 9/14/2016 9:53:54:(((
379 > Richer right management, better debugging of wiki pages
380 > Xwiki is the best wiki I tried until now !
381 )))
382 * Sent 10/9/2016 19:23:32:(((
383 > On Xwiki8.2.1, link function of ckeditor doesn't work well. There is no setting in ckeditor link dialog about setting target="_blank". I feel it is better to use Xwiki7.4.x with ckeditor Extension & customize application-ckeditor-webjar-1.3.x.jar to full functional ckeditor. My main reason to use ckeditor is to avoid wiki tag setting like ||target="_blank" . Most of users want to use ckeditor Full function version, not want to use wikitag.
384 > functionality of ckeditor in Xwiki8.2.1 is so cheap and disappointed. I hope to use Full Functionality of ckeditor.
385 )))
386 * Sent 8/30/2016 10:46:56:(((
387 > Math Formula insertion function is desirable (like image insertion with mimetex.cgi etc)
388 > I'm very happy to use Xwiki, it's very powerful and useful ! I will change to Version 8.2.1 soon.
389 )))
390 * Sent 29/8/2016 10:12:52:(((
391 > Installation tool for the owne server.
392 )))
393 * Sent 24/08/16 09:39:24:(((
394 > Provide more typed and strict API in Java
395 > Clean the API
396 > Provide simplified API allowing to manipulate the pages/objects like a graph
397 > Simplify reference serialization
398 > Allows to implement extension in Java directly in the wiki (like groovy extensions but allowing multiple files for the structure and linking jar to classpath)
399 > Improve the documentation a lot
400 )))
401 * Sent 2/8/2016 22:59:45:(((
402 > Easily customizable Horizontal Navbar, enabled by default (I still can't find how to do it). Update the Linux (Debian) installation instructions. I had a very difficult time installing on Ubuntu 16.xx and could not install at all on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
403 > Enable changing the color theme depending on Wiki to make it a little more obvious what "Wiki" you are viewing at the moment. I'm sure this is possible. Perhaps I just don't understand it.
404 )))
405 * Sent 25/7/2016 18:35:25:(((
406 > Simplify the view. less button and better locations. use a toolbar on the top of the page (like confluence)
407 > Good project. I'm looking if it can fit to build a portal. I think yes. Confluence wiki is really easier to begin a knowledge base with non-IT people.
408 )))
409 * Sent 24/7/2016 8:20:06:(((
410 > I want to use ckEditor with full functionality (i.e. full menu button), I hope it will be implemented in the following version of Xwiki ! I use mimetex.cgi to write math-formula, so Image insertion by url is preferrable.
411 > I can't do my task without Xwiki now. I thank you all.
412 )))
413 * Sent 20/7/16 14:53:53:(((
414 > Improve documentation (is somewhat outdated in some areas)
415 )))
416 * Sent 19/05/16, from Manuel Chaverra:(((
417 > Hi everyone,
418 >
419 >Before I send my feedback I have to say that english is not my first language, so I apologize for my english.
420 >
421 >I'm new using XWiki and I'm having a problem when I try to customize any color theme. When I choose an existing color theme and try to customize it, the theme editor saves the changes but it never applies it to my XWiki. But, when I create a color theme with the configuration I want, the theme editor saves it correctly and applies it to my XWiki, this is OK, the problem comes when I want to change anything in the theme I created because it make the same thing I first say (Save the changes but don't apply them).
422 >
423 >I hope I made myself clear.
424 >
425 >Thank you for reading and please help me to solve this problem.
426 >
427 >Cheers.
428 )))
429 * Sent 29/04/16 05:31:47:(((
430 > Better documentation would do you a lot of good. You should also consider archiving all information related to older releases. You still have Version 2 documentation when you are at Version 8. It would make it much easier to update, read and learn from your documentation if is was limited to just the latest and greatest or at least the LTS release.
431 )))
432 * Sent 27/04/16 14:59:29:(((
433 > To be able to group tags for a group of pages and not all at the same place mixed up
434 )))
435 * Sent 17/03/16 12:29:15:(((
436 > Happy with the product, I wish that the upgrade process was simpler, like a one click installer like wordpress or joomla
437 )))
438 * Sent 04/02/16 16:29:41:(((
439 > I would like to be able to paste an image into the wiki directly from the clipboard. Maybe that can be done, but I didn't find the extension that would allow that. I would not mind if the paste created an attachment, possibly asking me the name I want to give it. Currently, I have to paste into gimp or paint, save as a file, upload the file and then reference the attachment in the page so it will show.
440 >
441 > That brings up another point. Finding an extension that does what you want is difficult, and most extensions lack screen sample to show you what they do.
442 >
443 > More role based read/write access. There are pages we would like to limit update capability to a specific group of individuals, and even readability to to a group, and some open to everyone. We would like to be able to define the roles based on information found in AD.
444 )))
445 * Sent 22/12/15 18:47:28:(((
446 > I lost security privileges when i migrate
447 )))
448 * Sent 14/12/15 16:55:30:(((
449 > We would like to see the Search result page showing images, just like Google: text or image view.
450 )))
451 * Sent 07/12/15 08:57:56:(((
452 > Suggest Improvements: Form builder for simple office application
453 > Diagram draw utility - can by paid...some as glify, can be more simply, needed clickable objects (typical system architecture picture, after click on object I will redirected into specific pages...
454 )))
455 * Sent 28/10/15 15:33:32:(((
456 > Extended Import/Export Feature
457 > More Options to import or export pages or rights or configuration
458 )))
459 * Sent 24/10/15 19:02:29:(((
460 > The classical wiki hierarchy is hard to establish. Up until latest version parent permissions inheritance was impossible.
461 )))
462 * Sent 21/04/15 14:51:19:(((
463 > Si possible une recherche de documentation par arborescence de "thèmes" car la recherche par mot clés sous entend que l'on sait déjà comment vous nommez telle ou telle chose, ce qui n'est pas toujours le cas.
464 > Plus d'exemples serait un plus.
465 > Plus d'informations sur la gestion de droits éventuellement.
466 >
467 > Autre amélioration majeure : on peut interfacer Xwiki à un serveur de messagerie mais il serait très agréable de pouvoir interfacer sur un Intranet comme Sharepoint.
468 >
469 > Des remerciements pour votre solution qui est franchement excellente.
470 > La documentation existante reste un point fort de votre projet, les modules également.
471 > Cette application est très souple et a parfaitement répondu à mes besoins.
472 )))
473 * Sent 22/02/15 21:32:43:(((
474 > out of the box themes that are "thin". Currently, all the widgets (form elements, title bars, etc) are very "thick" taking up too much screen real estate.
475 > thanks for the project, and keep up the good work!
476 )))
477 * Sent 22/02/15 01:42:20:(((
478 > For while, just: When you create a template based on another one, you can change the CSS styles. But if you specify the new style, all of the original rules are lost. Would be good if I could just add CSS rules, in addition to the existing ones
479 )))
480 * Sent 17/02/15 09:45:03:(((
481 > Installer. You need an installer. You really should just be able to drop the war into Tomcat and figure the rest out via the web. There must be a way you can get hibernate to do this. Leaving the user with a horrible stacktrace is not a very nice welcome.
482 >
483 > I've got 12 years developing Java. It's been 24 hours. I'm still trying to get it running...
484 )))
485 * Sent 12/12/14 16:52:00:(((
486 > The management and setup is a bit clunky. I love that there is an actual setup file, but once it is installed the setup of the look and the features of the wiki seems to be a bit more complicated than I would hope.
487 >
488 > I just installed it a few days ago, but so far it seems to be everything that I wanted. It was hard to find a product that included everything: Templates, searchability, tagging, Microsoft SQL integration, and most importantly AD integration and easy rights management.
489 )))
490 * Sent 20/10/14 05:18:13:(((
491 > Easier way to restore and move wikis between servers … not too bad now, but could be lots easier … main issue is an export that includes all system pages that have been changed and manages their migration to new versions, a way of managing template.vm and css files that are modified (this has improved in the sense this becomes less and less necessary), Need a multi-level App in a minute interface, and better documentation, or at least more examples.
492 >
493 > Good job … been using for more than a decade
494 )))
495 * Sent 13/09/14 11:23:45:(((
496 > (1) Add Task and Issue management
497 > (2) Expedient means of generating pages from an Excel, CSV or XML file and a template.
498 >
499 > Oil and Gas Projects generate 10's thousands of volumes of documents: for example operating manuals, engineering drawings, reports of many types, memos, emails, time sheets, specifications. While some will be reviewed daily,many of these documents will never be looked at again for 10 years if ever. However, they need to be organized and accessible by users with minimal computer skills.
500 >
501 > My contractor is delivering a Data Warehouse using Oracle as its DB. The DW has a very cryptic GUI and is sufferingly slow with less than 5% of the material loaded and only 2 concurrent users. I'm investigating Plan B.
502 >
503 > After interviewing the user pool the most common interfaces they were comfortable with are: wikipedia, MS file manager, web browser. This confirms prior experience with Documentun based tools.
504 >
505 > If you have any thoughts, I'd like to hear them, articles to read are also appreciated.
506 )))
507 * Sent 10/07/14 07:19:24:(((
508 > Provide more skins, & integrate workflows.
509 )))
510 * Sent 20/06/14 15:50:53:(((
511 > It would be ideal if the WYSIWYG editor provided more features. Currently have to toggle to Edit > WIKI, to encapsulate HTML tags <span style="color:red">...
512 >
513 > Most users are visual learners breadcrumbs are helpful, but if you copied the Home > Document Index > Tree, into a collapse-able left-nav feature for the whole site, that would be ideal. (Only for the User defined pages).
514 >
515 > By the way thank you so much. The package is great. It makes life so much easier.
516 )))
517 * Sent 28/04/14 10:29:08:(((
518 > I would suggest improving the upgrade process/documentation.
519 > Documentation around upgrade processes is incomplete and mostly unhelpful. I cannot recommend your platform to anyone as it requires significant admin resource to upgrade to later versions. Investing significant time in creating and maintaining content stored in XWiki just means you have more headaches to upgrade or eventual migration to a different product.
520 >
521 > I'm fairly happy with XWiki when it's up and running but nothing is worth the pain and suffering you make your system admins go through at upgrade time.
522 )))
523 * Sent 21/02/14 08:12:32:(((
524 > If you can increase the access speed, we will very thanks!
525 )))
526 * Sent 17/02/14 23:19:00:(((
527 > It would be nice to see a more user-friendly interface. Lets take, for example, the cronjobs. Its a must feature, but its has also a geek interface.
528 > The macro is another example. Its a great feature too, but only accessible to people who has some understanding about how XWiki works.
529 > I would suggest you to search for a tool called Podio. It has a nice design and a very good User-interface, similar to Facebook. We're using it in my company to make work more organized and manageable. But the most important part is that all the workers can assimilate the interface quickly and, therefore, the learning curve is very soft.
530 >
531 > I dont know how to program in Java, but I would like to contribute with some ideas, at least. Im gone report some bugs too that I've found in my short experience with Xwiki. I hope it helps you in this great Project.
532 >
533 > Nonetheless, XWiki is a powerful tool and a Im very happy to have found such a great software. Thank you very much!
534 )))
535 * Sent 10/02/14 01:27:23:(((
536 > Better default skin (responsive by default)
537 )))
538 * Sent 03/02/14 13:59:12:(((
539 > The speed for mobile androids.
540 )))
541 * Sent 19/12/13 06:13:55:(((
542 > I difficult to find/follow the user guide which often seems out dated
543 )))
544 * Sent 09/11/13 13:36:02:(((
545 > I find the documentation not good. If one wants to accomplish some tasks it is very difficult to find the relevant documentation pages. Most of time things are documented but a lot of them I found them only by chance. There is also a lot of stuff which is deprecated in later versions. I think you should make the documentation more precise, concise and streamlined.
546 >
547 > Another point. The upgrade procedure is very tedious (I use the war-files). I would like to have something speedier and simpler.
548 >
549 > We use Confluence at Work. I bought the starter license for my intranet at home. Then I became aware of your project. For my private uses it is completely satisfactory - and it runs one my weak powered ARM-based linux home server with jdk 1.8, which the Atlassian product is not able to do.
550 > Thanks for your great work !
551 )))
552 * Sent 24/08/13 16:15:36:(((
553 > Improve upgrade process. I took me forever to figure out how to do this - which files I needed to copy over into my installation from the previous version, what else I needed to do (like enable = 1.) I still don't know if I am I supposed to upgrade with the XAR file or not? I haven't, because I'm afraid it will cause data loss.
554 )))
555 * Sent 17/09/13 10:39:31:(((
556 > Not so easy to program macros
557 )))
558 * Sent 09/08/13 10:39:26:(((
559 > Make the default UI as more attractive
560 )))
561 * Sent 31/07/13 12:42:58:(((
562 > Feedback application
563 > Email Notification body of the email needs improvement. I didnt like it at all.
564 )))
565 * Sent 30/07/13 21:09:28:(((
566 > Probably: more skins ?
567 > Also, very important: better documentation !!!!
568 > Well... a big thanks for all your efforts ! :-)
569 )))
570 * Sent 21/06/13 09:42:52:(((
571 > The extensions page seems like a bit of a mess - are many of them outdated (meaning not compatible/relevant for the latest version of xwiki)?
572 )))
573 * Sent 29/05/13 11:42:07:(((
574 > Make installation possible on Ubuntu from deb - it does not work at all. Always get "Could not initialize main XWiki context" no mater what I do
575 )))
576 * Sent 23/05/13 15:39:28:(((
577 > I tried it on my local mac to create a base of my notes and materials around web development
578 > I like in XWiki
579 > - a lot of of plugins (skins, little useful plugins like columns)
580 > - exellent administrative tools
581 > - blog
582 > - dynaamic search, it's great!
583 > but think it need some improvements
584 > - more handy visual editor (like in wordpress or typo3 6)
585 > - set of styles in visual editor like in wordpress. I don't like insert and edit preformated text in special window
586 >- i have not find how to create in visual editor a couple of my own styles and throw out h5, h6.
587 > - basic skin like skin on your official site: it's have more strict design and more capacious and easy to read typographics.
588 )))
589 * Sent 05/02/13 16:05:21:(((
590 > Live upgrade. Importers (I have a tikiwiki with 900+ pages that I want to bring into xwiki). Better documentation of the XAR format.
591 )))
592 * Sent 07/01/13 07:26:20:(((
593 > 1) I would need a plugin for free dashboard (whiteboard). This would be very helpful to edit a page while learning for example is a similar way to a white paper where you can draw a chart, take notes and so on. For the beginning to have the functionality of a image editor would be enough. So i expect to edit in the web page images which in the end to be saved as image. Beside this o found almost everything i ever need. Thanks !
594 > 2) The default interface i think is too complex. I would prefer it simpler (similar to not so many feeds, activity, and so on. Just settings link, add edit page / space and the page content, other part to be customization but not defaults. (It' fine how it is, that suggestion is personal thought)
595 )))
596 * Sent 15/10/12 16:21:48:(((
597 > XWiki ist the technically best and most impressive Wiki and XWiki belongs the future. But you have to care about bringing your power to the customers and users. That means:
598 > - Rating (!) and better maintainance of PlugIns/Apps
599 > -> 'App' is not just a word, it is a religion. With the ApplicationManager you are doing everything right. But nobody knows what's good to try for a extension/plugin (ratings and commends is a must have) and...
600 > - it should be perfect stable to add/remove these extensions
601 > - no experimental things in the stable version. stable means stable.
602 > All in all you are doing most of things right! With hiding technical documents and the brand new Distribution Manager (like it) you have responded the last XWiki survey. So there is nothing to add here, what is not in the survey ;)
603 )))
604 * Sent 07/08/12 20:00:21:(((
605 > It's a powerful tool and I have selected by variety of tools that supports.
606 > I have some problem with a migration from Confluence to XWiki. I'm not sure about origin of them, but sometimes throw a Java Heap space.
607 > I migrated 460 pages with a structure tree of four level of pages. Ramdomly I received heap space errors, and I'm trying to solve ot
608 )))
609 * Sent 18/07/12 23:35:15:(((
610 > Tutorials in programming guide schould be in the latest syntax in both scripting language (Groovy and Velocity).
611 )))
612 * Sent 20/06/12 12:16:30:(((
613 > I find the UI too cluttered, specially at the top, where it has too many menus and buttons. Things should be simpler, maybe some options could come to the bottom of the page and/or be hidden.
614 > There should be a way to have spaces inside spaces, at least with 1 level of depth.
615 > When showing changes i wish you could show them as "Space.Page" or "Space.ParentPage.Page". I say this because if we have "" and "" and we alter in the widgets i see "page" and do not know at a glance in which space was it altered.
616 > Overall i think the software as lots of potential and i'm pretty happy with it. I've been doing a pilot for our team intranet and we are going to keep using it. My goal is to have a production ready wiki in 2/3 months.
617 )))
618 * Sent 17/03/12 06:38:03:(((
619 > Step by step. I am new.
620 )))
621 * Sent 17/03/12 01:17:34:(((
622 > XWiki is great. We use it for the company intranet with great success - the only caveat is that it is generally slow, painfully so in some instances.
623 )))
624 * Sent 01/03/12 16:47:28:(((
625 > More user-friendly wysisyg editor. More configuration tools to assist in migration/setup.
626 )))
627 * Sent 22/02/12 08:09:34:(((
629 >
630 > Parts of the document should be able to be marked as "do-not-print". We use them for the documentation, and provide documentation as prints to the end customers. However, there are parts which is needed only for internal use. Therefore we previously implemented our own macros like so:
631 >
632 > #no_print_start
633 >
634 > here is the internal documentation
635 >
636 > #no_print_stop
637 >
638 > With the most recent version this does not work, and it would be great to have this feature inbuilt somehow.
639 >
640 >I have tried for several times to contact the users-list, but it seems that mails do not reach the list. I have an issue with pdf export which causes the xwiki to fail if there is an image in the page.
641 )))
642 * Sent 16/01/12 07:34:06:(((
643 > In my oppinion the biggest disadvantage is lack of Kerberos authentication. Second thing to improve is mechanizm of page templates, i.e. when many pages with similar content need to be created, but creating datamodel (objects) for page content is not necessary.
644 )))
645 * Sent 14/07/12 21:45:03:(((
646 > Templates should be more simple.
647 > Creation of snippets (macros) that can be added to many pages. If I change my snippet it will reflect in all pages. It should be more simple.
648 )))

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