Here are some excerpts of what users have said while filling the download form.

  • Sent 05/07/19 22:01:30:

     A magnificent platform, which is the only one I have found through many attempts and years, which meets and exceeds an extremely high set of knowledge-document management system requirements  -- a wiki and note system that is intuitive to use out-of-the-box, which allows the inter-linking of any text to other text in any applications (helped by an interactive search), and which delivers application development to extend it to customized applications and documents.  Well done, and congratulations to the team!

  • Sent 06/06/19 21:20:44:

     The installation was a nightmare. I was about to give up and use something else.
     There should be a Yum package. `yum install xwiki`
     Also should be docs for setting it up with Apache. The docs seem to favor Nginx.
     It seems to be a memory hog.

     It wasn't obvious how to add another admin user. I expected to create the user then click 'Admin?' checkbox. Wasn't there so I expected to edit the user THEN click 'Admin?' checkbox. Found Rights > Users > Admin column.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Thanks. If you need help, have questions or wish to discuss ideas, you should use the XWiki Forum. This is where the XWiki community is.

  • Sent 26/05/19 19:19:21:

     Other than the fact that sometimes, new releases seem to break things (like 11.2, which broke localization of pages), the one thing that would make our lives even easier would be built-in support for localizable XWiki objects, since we now have to jump through some extra hoops and add a language property to each object.

     We used MediaWiki before, but after trying XWiki, it suited our needs much better, mostly due to its support for structured data and the fact that pages are not all top-level by default, both of which are things we need.

  • Sent 23/05/19 03:09:32:

     Better integration/support for migrating from confluence.

  • Sent 10/05/19 18:46:23:

     It would be nice to have a GUI interface for easier customization of the WYSIWYG editor.
     XWiki is a really nice tool for us, thank you!

  • Sent 08/05/19 18:49:42:

     The extension manager system is cumbersome to use.

  • Sent 17/02/19 02:55:40:

     I'm really amazed with XWiki! If I could ask for something more, it would be:
     1) Better documentation for Extensions, including screenshots or, better still, installation and usage tutorials -- I have spent a lot of time installing, trying out, and uninstalling extensions; --
     2) Improvements to the Presentation Application, in particular, finer control of text and image position/format;
     3) Support for Scala and R (Renjin) scripts; 4) Any way to connect XWiki to web apps with live code, such as Jupyter notebooks?

     Congrats on developing and maintaining XWiki, it's quite an achievement!


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