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5 You'll find here external links to documentation or information about XWiki (i.e links pointing to other web sites not maintained by the XWiki development team).
7 If you know of an external resource about XWiki not already listed here, feel free to add it to the list.
9 = Articles/Presentations and Blog posts =
11 |=Date|=Link|=Description
12 |2022-08-01|[[How to Install XWiki on Your Synology NAS>>]]|Explains how to install XWiki with the deb package and set up an Nginx reverse proxy + Let's Encrypt
13 |2021-08-02|[[How to Install XWiki on Ubuntu with Let’s Encrypt>>]]|Explains how to install XWiki on Ubuntu with Let's Encrypt.
14 |2017-10-24|[[XWiki, ma première appli starteful sur Kubernetes>>]]|Explains how to deploy an XWiki docker image using Kubernetes (in French)
15 |2017-02-12|[[Install XWiki on a CentOS 7 VPS>>]]|A tutorial on how to install XWiki on CentOS 7
16 |2016-09-15|[[Installer XWiki avec Docker Compose en 2 lignes de commandes>>]]|Install XWiki using Docker compose (in French)
17 |2016-09-09|[[Install XWiki on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS>>]]|Explain how to install XWiki using the Debian package
18 |2016-09-01|[[Personnalisation et paramétrage après installation d'un xwiki>>]]|Some steps to customize XWiki (in French)
19 |2016-07-12|[[XWiki installation on Linux>>]]|Tutorial to install XWiki on Linux, using GlassFish and PostgreSQL
20 |2016-03-29|[[XWiki - an alternative to Confluence>>]]|Provides feedback about using XWiki as a Confluence alternative (in German)
21 |2015-08-14|[[Criminal Justice Studies: XWiki Technology>>]]|Explains how XWiki is a good fit for hosting a criminal justice student’s group assignment project.
22 |2015-02-17|[[XWiki Google Apps authentication with Nginx and Lua>>]]|Explains how to configure XWiki to use the SSO provided by Google Apps
23 |2014-06-24|[[XWiki on OpenShift>>]]|Explains how to run XWiki on [[OpenShift>>]].
24 |2014-02-26|[[Comparaison des langages de balisage (markup) léger (lightweight) : Txt2tags, Pandoc, Docutils, AsciiDoc, Deplate, Stx2any, AFT, Markdown et Textile>>]]|Comparison of various libraries to parse markup content (in French)
25 |2013-07-31|[[Running XWiki Cluster on Jelastic>>]]|Explains how to set up an XWiki Cluster inside Jelastic
26 |2013-06-25|[[A look into XWiki>>]]|Explains some interesting features of XWiki
27 |2012-07-03|[[XWiki in a Cluster with a Cassandra back end>>]]|[[Caleb James Delisle>>]] demonstrates in a video his research project where he's adding support for Cassandra to XWiki
28 |2012-06-21|[[Building a Conference web site with XWiki>>]]|Slides and screenshots from Vincent Massol's talk at Breizhcamp 2012 where he demonstrates how to build a dynamic Conference web site with XWiki (registration of talks, automatic generation of a calendar for the talks, and more.
29 |2012-04-06|[[XWiki in the Cloud>>]]|Discusses an extenstion that allows XWiki to be deployed on cloud environments.
30 |2012-02-21|[[Deploy XWiki to Jelastic tutorial>>]]|Learn how to deploy XWiki in the cloud with Jelastic
31 |2011-09-29|[[XWiki Watch: herramienta libre para la vigilancia tecnológica, competitiva y reputación online>>]]|Presentation about XWiki Watch (in Spanish)
32 |2011-09-09|[[Developing XWiki>>]]|Covers the XWiki development process (slides + voice + demos)
33 |2011-09-09|[[XWiki: A web development runtime platform>>]]|Demonstrates how XWiki is a generic web development platform (slides + voice + demos)
34 |2011-06-14|[[XWiki integration in Sakai>>]]|Slides from the Sakai 2011 conference showing the XWiki integration in Sakai
35 |2011-03-27|[[An overview of the XWiki's RESTful API>>]]|Tutorial of XWiki's REST API by Fabio Mancinelli
36 |2011-02-17|XWiki's Annotation explained and demo: [[On Youtube>>]], [[on FOSDEM server>>]]|Anca Presenting XWiki's Annotations at FOSDEM 2011
37 |2010-10-05|[[Analysis of XWiki>>]]|Analysis of XWiki by Roberto Galoppini from
38 |2010-09-15|[[XWiki Manuel Utilisateur>>]]|Nice non-technical tutorial for using XWiki, in French
39 |2010-05-27|[[Using a WebId on the social web>>]]|Tutorial explaining how to use the XWiki FOAF+SSL integration to create a WebId for yourself
40 |2010-04-09|[[Premiers pas avec GreenPepper XWiki>>]]|Tutorial in French explaining how to setup and use GreenPepper in XWiki
41 |2009-10-27|[[Un wiki pas comme les autres>>]]|Article in TooLinux presenting a global overview of XWiki (French)
42 |2009-10-07|[[Configure XWiki and Create a Formular With Field Validation>>]]|Nice article explaining how to add form validation to forms
43 |2009-07-02|[[Wiki vs CMS>>]]|Slides from Vincent Massol and Tugdual Grall's presentation at USI 2009
44 |2009-06-25|[[Next Gen Wikis: Mixing Content-Oriented Applications with Wikis>>]]|Slides from Vincent Massol's presentation at Jazoon 2009
45 |2009-02-06|[[XWiki: What's new for 2009>>]]|Slides from Vincent Massol's presentation at a breakfast organized by XWiki SAS + reused on GlassFish TV
46 |2008-11-12|[[XEclipse presentation at EclipseDemo>>]]|Slides from Eduard Moraru presenting at EclipseDemo Camps in Iasi
47 |2008-10-15|[[XWiki - User Authentication with Oracle SSO>>]]|Explains how to create a custom XWiki authentication implementation to use Oracle SSO for authenticating users
48 |2008-09-26|[[Bundling GlassFish v3 and XWiki>>]]|Explains how to install XWiki on GlassFish v3 and with JavaDB.
49 |2008-06-26|[[Wiki 2.0>>]]|Very nice Article for Linux Magazine in Brazilian about XWiki and second generation wikis.
50 |2008-02-28|[[Working with Wikis>>]]|Describes what is an enterprise wiki and compares several wiki implementation, including XWiki.
51 |2008-02-24|[[Towards End-User Programming with Wikis>>]]|When business software fails to provide the desired functionality, users typically turn to spreadsheets to perform simple but general computational tasks. However, spreadsheets enforce a view of the world that consists mostly of tables and numbers rather than the domain concepts users have in mind. We are using wikis as a platform for empowering end-users to perform computational tasks of their choice. This paper discusses how core properties of wikis can support end-user programming.
52 |2008-01-22|[[Optimizing XWiki>>]]|Describes tips to tune XWiki (performance, editor, skin, etc)
53 |2008-01-22|[[Improving XWiki?s Search>>]]|Explains how to customize XWiki's search page.
54 |2008-01-22|From MediaWiki to XWiki. [[Part I>>]], [[Part II>>]], [[Part III>>]]|Excellent articles on migrating from MediaWiki to XWiki with lots of details and code.
55 |2008-01-16|[[Installing XWiki on JBoss and Firebird database>>]]|Tutorial about installing XWiki on JBoss, using a Firebird database
56 |2007-11-16|[[XWiki vies for top spot in enterprise market>>]]|Article from Mike Ho who attended a XWiki user group meeting
57 |2007-10-29|[[Valtech Days: XWiki as an application development platform>>]]|An article about the presentation of XWiki Vincent gave during the Valtech Days 2007 in Paris
58 |2007-10-11|[[XWiki Meetup>>]]|A summary of the XWiki meetup meeting in San Francisco held on 2007-10-10.
59 |2007-10-11|[[Clustering XWiki>>]]|An article about how XWiki was clustered with Terracotta. XEclipse & OSCache are mentioned along the way.
60 |2007-09-10|[[Créer un site associatif avec XWiki>>]]|Very good tutorial for installing XWiki (In French)
61 |2007-06-29|[[XWiki 1.0 release on InfoQ>>]]|Announcement of the XWiki 1.0 release
62 |2007-03-13|[[XWiki Plugins: Tips & Tricks>>]]|Focus on advanced aspects, in particular on interfacing with XWiki itself and using some of the extension points.
63 |2007-03-05|[[UML Plugin>>]]|Announcement of a UML Plugin for XWiki in the work
64 |2007-01-29|[[XWiki meets Glassfish>>]]|Instructions on how to run XWiki on GlassFish
65 |2006-08-22|[[Create and deploy blog and wiki modules with Apache Geronimo>>]]|Blogs and wikis are taking the Internet by storm. These new ways to share ideas and collaborate with friends have proven worthy of close attention from all kinds of social groups ~-~- from a few buddies to large corporations. One reason these technologies thrive is simplicity for both end users and administrators. Administrators find that Apache Geronimo is a robust and secure platform for creating new blog and wiki applications. Find out how you, too, can create blog and wiki applications using Geronimo and other open source components.
67 = Third party projects using XWiki =
69 If you're looking for XWiki extensions or integrations, check the [[Extension Wiki>>extensions:Main.WebHome]].
71 = XWiki in the Press =
73 * [[Articles on XWiki on Diigo>>]]
75 = Sites referencing XWiki =
77 (Sorted alphabetically)
79 |=Links|=Description
80 |[[>>]]|List of wikis (in French)
81 |[[>>]]|Collaborative bookmarking
82 |[[Flickr>>]]|Pictures related to XWiki
83 |[[Framasoft>>]]|Directory of Open Source projects
84 |[[FreshMeat>>]]|Provides updates about software releases
85 |[[Java-Source>>]]|Directory of Open Source projects
86 |[[Ohloh>>]]|Metrics about open source projects, like project activity, project cost, active committers, etc
87 |[[SlideShare>>]]|Slides about XWiki
88 |[[Sonar>>]]|Development Metrics about XWiki projects
89 |[[Swik>>]]|Links related to XWiki
90 |[[Topsy>>]]|Search tweets about XWiki
91 |[[WikiConsulting>>]]|"Publicize the goals and practices of leading Wiki Consultants from around the world, helping the wiki-curious understand the the nature of transformational change possible with wikis, and helping wiki professionals to discover one another and network with clients."
92 |[[WikiIndex>>]]|"WikiIndex is a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas."
93 |[[WikiMatrix>>]]|A web site dedicated to comparing Wikis
94 |[[Wikipedia(En)>>]] [[Wikipedia(Fr)>>]]|Description of XWiki on Wikipedia
96 = Blogs that regularly speak of XWiki =
98 * [[Ludovic Dubost>>]]
99 * [[Vincent Massol>>]]
100 * [[Asiri Rathnayake>>]]
101 * [[Jerome Velociter>>]]

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