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1 For the 2019 edition of the FOSDEM, the XWiki community aims to team with other FOSS projects in order to organize a developer room around the theme "Collaborative information and content management applications". This page aims to summarize the status of the room request and the potential projects interested in participating to the room itself.
3 = Abstract =
5 On the contrary to applications dedicated to development or infrastructure, we observe that a significant part of the information and content management applicative ecosystem comes from proprietary solutions and cloud services. However, FOSS alternatives still exists in order to provide an equal access to knowledge management and organization.
7 This room aims to provide a place for existing collaboration and content management softwares to exchange about the solutions that they provide to incentivize collaboration and organization of information. This room has the support from multiple projects in this category including but not restricted to (in alphabetical order):
9 * Cryptpad
10 * Foswiki
11 * Nextcloud
12 * OW2
13 * Tiki
14 * XWiki

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