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9 9  Currently, we would like to present the XWiki project not as a simple wiki anymore, but more as a web development framework that you can use to build knowledge-related applications on top of it. Having such a stand would be a great occasion on our side to propose demonstrations of the software and its customizations more easily. Experience with the previous FOSDEM edition has shown that this is usually one of the most requested demands that we get : people come up and ask about how they can solve a specific problem on their instance.
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11 -As a simple note, XWiki currently registers about 4500 unique instances (that are accessible publicly, ie not behind a firewall) and has an ecosystem of over 720 extensions. Other presentations have already been performed about the project during past FOSDEM editions, see [4], [5], [6], [7] and [8].
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13 13  Whith the stand we also want to give more visibility to the Cryptpad project : it's a collaborative online document editor built with privacy in mind : each document that you edit on the platform is encrypted in your browser and then sent to the server in such a way that the server admin cannot access the content of your document. We already gave a couple of talks about Cryptpad during the last edition of FOSDEM, see [3] and [4]. Today, the main instance of Cryptpad has around 1500 visitors per day (unique IPs) and hosts about 100 000 documents.
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15 15  This stand proposal also aims to resolve a space issue that we had on the Wiki and CMS stand last year: with about 8 people present aroun
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18 18  [2] https://cryptpad.fr
19 19  [3] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/cryptpad/
20 20  [4] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/open_source_finance/
21 -[5] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/community_oss_in_small_company/
22 -[6] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/xwiki/
23 -[7] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/advanced_testing_java/
24 -[8] https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/osd_icon_themes/

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