Collaborative information and content management applications developer room

Version 8.1 by Clément Aubin on 2018/09/19

For the 2019 edition of the FOSDEM, the XWiki community aims to team with other FOSS projects in order to organize a developer room around the theme "Collaborative information and content management applications". This page aims to summarize the status of the room request and the potential projects interested in participating in the room itself.

Proposal (will be sent to FOSDEM organizers)

This year, the XWiki community along with several other open source projects would like to organize a developer room around the theme "Collaborative information and content management applications".

Today, we observe that a significant part of the software ecosystem related to information and content management mostly comes from proprietary solutions and are provided as cloud services. Common examples include Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint or Atlassian Confluence. As for any software market, FOSS alternatives exist ; but even if their popularity grows each year, their usage isn't comparable with the important market share taken by proprietary solutions.

With this room, we would like to provide a place where projects can:

  • Meet and exchange on how to deal with collaborative issues that prevent users for fully benefiting from those softwares.
  • Present the tools that they use to incentivize collaboration and, more broadly, information management.
  • Discuss about potential global solutions for helping knowledge management across multiple softwares.

Over the past FOSDEM editions, we observed that though the event proposes plenty of developer rooms dedicated to development or infrastructure solutions, few developer rooms get to deal with use cases impacting both technical and non-technical individuals, such as knowledge or content management.

This room is backed up by the following projects (in alphabetical order):

  • Cryptpad (represented by Ludovic Dubost)
  • Nextcloud (represented by Jos Poortvliet)
  • OW2 (represented by Cédric Thomas)
  • Tiki (represented by Jean-Marc Libs)
  • XWiki (represented by Clément Aubin)

Talks and presentations

Talks performed in this room could deal with the specifics of a project in term of ecosystem (plug-ins, extensions, connectors, …), in term of distribution (i.e. : how the application is distributed to be used by most people) or explain how the project responds to use cases related to the theme of the room. Here is a list of potential subjects that could be used :

  • New projects presentation
  • Self-hosted platforms
  • Secure collaboration
  • Collaborative applications
  • Connectors & Integrations
  • Knowledge management techniques
  • Protocols for collaboration

CFP process

If this developer room proposal gets accepted, we will be using the following process for our call for participation:

  • Before October 16th : A page will be created on allowing anyone to register to the developer room
  • The call for participation will end on December 9th; 23.59 UTC to leave 5 days to review the calls for participation and prepare the schedule of the room
  • From December 10th to December 15th, projects backing up the developer room get to agree on a schedule
  • On December 15th (or before, if time permits), the full schedule of the room is published

Please do not hesitate to get back to us if you need more information regarding our application.
Thanking you,

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