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1 <div class="HOME-box" style=" margin: 20px 0 0 0;" >
2 {image:HOME-illust.jpg}
3 <div class="HOME-body">
4 <div class="HOME-head"><h2>Welcome to XWiki</h2></div>
5 <p>The XWiki project offers both a generic [platform>platform:] for developing collaborative applications using the [wiki>] paradigm and products developed on top of it. All XWiki software is developed in Java and under the [LGPL open source license>Main.License].</p>
6 </div>
7 </div>
8 <div class="Rbox-container">
9 <h2>Products and Platform</h2>
10 <div class="R-box-one" >
11 <div class="R-head"><h2><a href="$xwiki.getURL('enterprise:Main.WebHome')"><span class="enterprise">ENTERPRISE</span></a></h2></div>
12 <div class="R-body">
13 <p>A [fully-featured>enterprise:Main.Features] wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a [second generation wiki>platform:Main.SecondGenerationWiki] offering the ability to install and develop small applications inside wiki pages.</p>
14 </div>
15 </div>
16 <div class="R-box" >
17 <div class="R-head"><h2><a href="$xwiki.getURL('manager:Main.WebHome')"><span class="manager">MANAGER</span></a></h2></div>
18 <div class="R-body">
19 <p>An application to manage a farm of wikis, allowing large-scale organization and massive scalability.</p>
20 </div>
21 </div>
22 <div class="R-box" >
23 <div class="R-head"><h2><a href="$xwiki.getURL('watch:Main.WebHome')"><span class="watch">WATCH</span></a></h2></div>
24 <div class="R-body">
25 <p>A social RSS reader allowing groups to collaboratively follow information news and filter it.</p>
26 </div>
27 </div>
28 <div class="R-box" >
29 <div class="R-head"><h2><a href="$xwiki.getURL('platform:Main.WebHome')"><span class="plateforme">PLATFORM</span></a></h2></div>
30 <div class="R-body">
31 <p>The generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it.</p>
32 </div>
33 </div>
34 <div class="R-box-bottom">[More products and extensions...>Main.Forge]</div>
35 </div>
36 1.1 Getting Started
38 You can check what [projects built using XWiki>References.WebHome] have done and see all those [happy users>]. Web sites like [Curriki>] or [Best Ventes>] are good examples of what can be done with XWiki.
40 To see XWiki in action, you can [download and install>Main.Download] one of the XWiki products listed above or create your own XWiki instance on the [Netcipia Farm>] that runs on XWiki (it's free and takes only 5 minutes to create a new wiki).
42 If you want to better understand how XWiki works, click above on the product for which you want to know more about.

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