How to migrate from HSQLDB to MySQL?

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

From your running XWiki instance (on HSQLDB) go to "Administer Wiki>Export" page and generate a backup export of the full wiki (see Backup). This will generate a XAR file with all the existing documents exported as XML files.

Configure and start up your new XWiki instance (on MySQL), and go to "Administer Wiki>Import" page, upload the XAR file, then import all the files in it.

For a full backup, make sure to select "with history" and "backup pack" during the export, and "Replace the document history with the history from the package" and "Import as backup package" during the import.

If the wiki is somewhat big, this might fail because of the size of the data. In this case you could look at Large XAR Import and Large Wiki Export.

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