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Vincent Massol 6.1 1 XWiki is divided into Pages and Wikis. Lateral menus are handled using Panels.
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 2
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Silvia Macovei 3.3 6
Silvia Macovei 3.4 7 = Page =
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 8
Silvia Macovei 7.2 9 A page is the basic unit of content in XWiki. A page is usually divided in the following areas:
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 10
Silvia Macovei 3.1 11 * **Action bar** (located at the top): allows you to interact with the current page
Vincent Massol 6.1 12 * **Title** (how the page is named)
Silvia Macovei 7.2 13 * **Author and date** (what user modified the page last and on what date)
Silvia Macovei 3.1 14 * **Content area**
15 * **Panels** (either on the left or right of the page, on both sides or hidden)
Vincent Massol 6.1 16 * **Footer area**
17 ** Creator and date (who was the creator of the page and on what date
Silvia Macovei 7.2 18 ** Tags (some categories in which the page fits)
Silvia Macovei 3.1 19 * **Tabbed area at the bottom of the page** featuring:
Vincent Massol 6.1 20 ** Comments and Annotations (what people have to say about the page)
Guillaume Lerouge 2.1 21 ** Attachments (files that have been uploaded to the page)
Silvia Macovei 7.2 22 ** History (every version of the current page)
23 ** Information (included pages, backlinks)
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 24
25 The following actions can be performed on any wiki page, provided the current user has the rights to do it:
27 * Edit the page
28 ** Using the WYSIWYG editor: this is a rich text editor that allows you to modify the contents of your wiki page easily
Vincent Massol 6.1 29 ** Using the wiki editor: for users accustomed to writing in markup syntax
Silvia Macovei 3.10 30 * Print & export the page using the More Actions menu
31 ** The user can display a print preview of the current page
32 ** Each page can be exported in the following formats: HTML, PDF, RTF (for MS Office) and XAR (XWiki Archive)
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 33 * Watch the page
Silvia Macovei 7.2 34 ** The user can choose to watch the current page to get notified about changes
35 ** Whenever the page gets modified, she will receive an email notification
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 36
Silvia Macovei 3.10 37 Additionally, the following actions may be performed:
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 38
Vincent Massol 6.1 39 * Create children pages
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 40 * Change page access rights
Vincent Massol 6.1 41 * Edit the page's objects and classes (this is an advanced use case that you'll learn later on)
Silvia Macovei 3.10 42 * Rename, copy and delete the page.
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 43
Vincent Massol 6.1 44 = Wiki =
46 When you start you are on the main wiki. However it's possible to create other wiki (a.k.a subwikis). A wiki is a collection of wiki pages.
48 This can be useful if you wish to have some clean separation between different type of content (for more details, see the [[Content Organization page>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.ContentOrganization.WebHome]]).
50 You can create as many wikis as you want and as many pages as you want in every wiki.
52 Usually you start with a single wiki since that's the simplest from an organization point of view and then when the need outgrows this wiki, you can refactor the content over several wikis.
Silvia Macovei 3.4 54 = Panels =
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 55
Vincent Massol 7.1 56 A panel is a widget you can see on every page of your wiki in the standard version of XWiki. Panels are displayed within columns. By default you will see an Applications and Navigation panels on the left and some other secondary panels on the right.
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 57
Silvia Macovei 4.1 58 You can control panels in multiple ways:
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 59
Guillaume Lerouge 2.1 60 * Choose which columns to display (right column, left column, both columns, none)
Silvia Macovei 4.1 61 * Choose the width of the columns to display (small, medium, large)
Guillaume Lerouge 2.1 62 * Choose which panels to put in your side columns
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 63
Guillaume Lerouge 2.1 64 Panels are useful for building menus or adding features to your pages. You can set different panels for each space in your wiki. Step to the next section to find out more about modifying your wiki's columns and panels.
Guillaume Lerouge 1.1 65
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67 **Next: [[First steps with XWiki>>FirstStepsWithXWiki]]**
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