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958 958  |##jobType##|yes|||The type of the job to pass to the Job Executor|9.1RC1
959 959  |##async##|no|##true~|false##|##true##|If false, return the response only when the job is done|9.1RC1
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961 +This API is designed to be REST clone of the Java API (the only real difference right now being way to deal with asynchronous jobs) documented on http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Job+Module#HUseanexistingjob so the concepts (job type, job request) are the same and the exact information to put in the job request depends on the job you want to run and are usually documented in the extension this job is coming from (extension module, refactoring, etc.). There is JAXB objects provided for the Java side to help generate proper HTTP request but for pure HTTP use case it usually helps to ask for the status of an existing job to have an hint of how the XML/JSON should look like (see [[jobstatus section>>||anchor="H2Fjobstatus2F7BjobId7D"]]).
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961 961  Since 9.2RC1 jobs started trough the REST API automatically get their runtime context injected with the following REST HTTP request context properties:
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