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6 The images and documentation below feature the new Users and Groups Management UI available since XWiki 1.2 and beyond.
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9 The new interface provides easy management of the groups and users. They are displayed in a dynamically loaded table, thus requesting less time to load than if all the users and groups would have been loaded all at once. Click on the small icons next to each user and group in the table to edit or remove them. You can filter the users and groups name as you type, using the input filters provided by the interface.
11 = Manage users =
13 Please visit the [[User Management Guide>>platform:AdminGuide.User Management]] for detailed guidance on how to manage the users in your wiki.
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17 = Manage groups =
19 Please visit [[Group Management Guide>>platform:AdminGuide.Group Management]] for detailed guidance on how to manage the groups on your wiki.
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