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251 251  image:merge-conflict-modal-usage-v2.gif
252 252  {{/gallery}}
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254 -
255 255  {{info}}
256 256  Starting with {{code}}XWiki 11.3.2 and XWiki 11.6RC1{{/code}} the whole feature can be disabled from the file by setting {{code}}edit.conflictChecking.enabled = false{{/code}}.
257 257  {{/info}}
258 258  
258 +Starting with {{code}}XWiki 11.8RC1{{/code}} the conflict edition window allows one more choice: to fix each conflict individually.
259 +This new choice is marked as advanced since it's not something easy to handle.
260 +
261 +{{gallery}}
262 +image:custom_conflict_resolution.png
263 +image:custom_conflict_fix.gif
264 +{{/gallery}}
265 +
266 +When choosing the new option, the UI is updated to display the changes between the latest version saved and the current version the user is trying to save. At each place a conflict occurred, the changes display an orange bar and a blue area is reserved for the conflict resolution.
267 +This blue area displays some text, and a select with several choices. The displayed text in the blue area is what will be used for fixing the conflict, you can see the text changing for each choice.
268 +
269 +The conflict choices are the following:
270 +
271 +* current version (default): the conflict is fixed by getting the current changes
272 +* before your changes: the conflict is fixed by getting what was there before you starting to edit. Both latest version saved and your current changes would be lost for this conflict,
273 +* latest version saved: the change made on the latest version saved (the one you are conflicting with) are taken to fix the conflict
274 +* custom version: with this option, a text area is displayed to allow you to enter any new value to fix the conflict. Multiple lines can be entered.
275 +
276 +If the choice text displays something in red, it is because no content is actually available for the chosen version to fix the conflict: usually it means the content in conflict will be removed with the choice made.
277 +
259 259  = Extension page protection =
260 260  
261 261  Since 10.3, extension pages are protected against editing ([[unless explicitly indicated otherwise in the extension>>]]) to avoid mistake a user could make while still allowing advanced users to force it if really required.

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