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5 = Watchlist Application =
7 In XWiki you can subscribe to receive notifications either by RSS (the feed is automatically updated each time one of the followed pages gets changed) or by email. By using the [[Watchlist application>>extensions:Extension.Watchlist Application]] an user can add specific pages and spaces to a personal watchlist.
9 The watchlist application enables you to watch a page, a space, the entire Wiki and manage your Watchlist. Its features can be accessed easily by clicking on their corresponding button. The 4 available entries are:
11 * Watch this page: you follow modifications affecting the page you are currently viewing (available behind "Page" menu)
12 * Watch the current space: you follow the modifications taking place on the whole space you are currently looking at (available behind "Space" menu)
13 * Watch the current wiki: you follow modifications taking place on the whole wiki (available behind "Wiki" menu)
14 * Manage your watchlist: change your notification preferences (available behind "Profil" menu).
16 = RSS Feeds =
18 You can also get notification from activity taking place on an XWiki instance [[using RSS feeds>>RSS]].

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