Watchlist Application

In XWiki you can subscribe to receive notifications either by RSS (the feed is automatically updated each time one of the followed pages gets changed) or by email. By using the Watchlist application an user can add specific pages and spaces to a personal watchlist.

The watchlist application enables you to watch a page, a space, the entire Wiki and manage your Watchlist. Its features can be accessed easily by clicking on their corresponding button. The 4 available entries are:

  • Watch this page: you follow modifications affecting the page you are currently viewing (available behind "Page" menu)
  • Watch the current space: you follow the modifications taking place on the whole space you are currently looking at (available behind "Space" menu)
  • Watch the current wiki: you follow modifications taking place on the whole wiki (available behind "Wiki" menu)
  • Manage your watchlist: change your notification preferences (available behind "Profil" menu).

RSS Feeds

You can also get notification from activity taking place on an XWiki instance using RSS feeds.


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