In XWiki you can subscribe to receive notifications either by RSS (the feed is automatically updated each time one of the followed pages gets changed) or by email. By using the Watchlist application an user can add specific pages and spaces to a personal watchlist.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds can be used to get notification from activity taking place on an XWiki instance.

Available Feeds

Several RSS feeds are provided by default and it is possible to create new ones easily when required. The default wiki provides a page that lists all the feeds available in your wiki. To navigate to it go directly to the Main.RssFeeds page:


You can also click on the RSS icon at the bottom of the homepage:


Note: this feature is not present in latest versions due to introduction of Activity Stream. It will be back very soon.

Your wiki comes with the following already made RSS feeds:

  • Feed for all modified pages.
  • Feed for all Blog posts. This is available if your wiki has the Blog application installed.
  • Feeds for Search results. This is available if your wiki has the Search application installed.
  • Feeds on Tags. This is available if your wiki has the Tag application installed.

You can easily choose to start receiving information from the Blog and modified pages feeds by using your browser's RSS notification button. For example on Firefox:


Customized RSS Feeds

Even more so, it's easy to create new RSS feeds to fit a specific need. 

  • The Watchlist Feature allows you to get a RSS feed of all the modifications to the pages in your watchlist.
  • You can also easily create your own page that outputs RSS (Atom, RDF, etc). Edit the Main.WebRss page in your wiki to see how it's implemented and do the same in your own page.

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