Page Navigation

Version 9.1 by Manuel Leduc on 2021/06/22

There are several ways to navigate to a page in XWiki:

If you don't see the page you're looking for, it's probably because the page is a technical page which is hidden by default (note that you can make hidden pages visible by adjusting your profile). You can also type the xxxh key combo to toggle show/hide hidden pages.

Navigation Panel

This is a panel that is active by default in the Flamingo skin and that presents a tree-view of all pages in the wiki.


Page Index

The Page Index offers 2 views to find pages:

  • The Table view


  • The Tree view



Each page displays a breadcrumb at the top where you can find the position of the current page in the hierarchy. This allows you to:

  • Navigate to parent pages by clicking links in the breadcrumb


  • Navigate to sibling pages by opening the contextual menu inside each breadcrumb element



You can use either:

Jump To Page

By using a keyboard shortcut you can summon a popup in which you can pick a page to view or edit.


Direct URL

If you know the reference of the page you wish to navigate to, you can directly forge a URL to navigate to it.


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