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38 38  That tricks should be temporary. When we will able the opportunity to rewrite the core model of XWiki, we will really implement the Nested Pages concept in the API.
39 39  {{/info}}
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41 +Note that the user has still the ability to create pages that does not have the ##WebHome## name. As a consequence, such pages (that are not the WebHome of their space) cannot have sub-pages. That is why we call them **Terminal Pages**.
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43 +== Issue with the Parent/Child relationship ==
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45 +Now, it is clear that we had 2 different hierarchies in the wiki. One, made of sub-pages (sub-spaces in the reality), and one made with the old parent/child relationship. Then, clearly, it becomes confusing for the user. Which hierarchy should be displayed in the breadcrumb? What is the parent of page, the "container" page or the parent set in the field?
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47 +The choice have been made to drop the notion of parent/child relationship, since we can now really have children pages, implemented as sub-pages (with inherited rights, preferences, etc...).
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49 +It means that when the user wants to change the parent of a page, she actually needs to **move** this page under the new parent.
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51 +This concept are good in theory. But, how can we handle existing content when an XWiki upgrade is made?
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41 41  = Principle =
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43 43  After having upgrade the XWiki instance to a recent version (7.4+), you should convert your existing pages to nested ones. This will permit:

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