XWiki Classes (xwikiclasses)

Version 1.1 by Helmut Nagy on 2009/02/12

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XWiki Classes (xwikiclasses)

 In XWiki 1.1M4, this table is not populated. The XWiki engine retieves the class of an object using xwikiobjects.XWO_CLASSNAME in table xwikiobjects instead. It accesses the document where xwikidoc.XWD_FULLNAME matches xwikiobjects.XWO_CLASSNAME, and then reads the XML description of the class from xwikidoc.XWD_CUSTOM_CLASS_XML.
 The table xwikiobjects is still populated, of course.

This table contains the declaration of XWiki classes.

  Column Name Datatype Not null auto inc flags Default Value Comments
db_key.gif XWO_ID INTEGER db_check.gif     0 Points to xwikidoc table
db_field.gif XWO_NAME VARCHAR(255) db_check.gif        
db_field.gif XWO_CUSTOM_MAPPING TEXT          
db_field.gif XWO_VALIDATION_SCRIPT VARCHAR(255)          

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