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3 3  It's important you spend some time understanding the different settings you can modify to protected your wiki.
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5 -1.1 Superadmin account
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7 -XWiki provides a superadmin account. It is special, because:
8 -* It is not stored in the database
9 -* It cannot be modified in any way
10 -* It always has full access, regardless of the rights settings
11 -Because it is so powerful, it is not safe to leave it enabled for a long time.
12 -
13 -By default, this account is disabled. To enable it, you have to edit <tt>&lt;xwiki-dir&gt;/WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg</tt>, uncomment the <tt>xwiki.superadminpassword=system</tt> line and set a proper password. To disable it, just comment this line. Remember to restart the servlet container after changing <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt>.
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15 -#info("Using this superadmin account is useful when you cannot log in anymore, for example when you forgot your admin user password or if you messed up the rights.")
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17 17  1.1 Cookie Encryption Keys
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19 19  When a user chooses to be remembered when he logs in, a cookie is saved on his machine. The cookie is encrypted so that nobody having access to it can see the username/password. This encryption is done using 2 configuration parameters located in the ~~xwiki.cfg~~ configuration file. This file is located in ~~WEB-INF/~~ in the XWiki WAR (see the [Installation>AdminGuide.Installation] for where it's installed).

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