Installing the Standalone Distribution

Version 5.1 by Ludovic Dubost on 2012/04/25

If you install on Windows 7, because of news security measures in Windows 7, the default installation will not work. You need to change the default directory from "c:\Program Files" (in most cases) to "c:\XWiki" (or the directory of your choice)

This is by far the easiest way to install XWiki. 

First, choose your prefered version
We are offering 3 packaging for ease of installation:

  • A Windows exe. Simply execute it and follow the instructions. Do not close the DOS Windows that shows up. This is the XWiki server running, instead point your browser to http://www.localhost:8080/.
  • A generic Installer that works on all platforms. It requires Java to be installed on your system. Simply double-click on it and follow the instructions.
  • A zip version. Unzip it in any directory of your choice (let's call it XWIKIHOME).

The Windows installer creates shortcuts to start and stop XWiki in your Windows start menu. Launch the Wiki using "start".

If you've used the zip file or generic Installer, go to the directory where you've installed XWiki (XWIKIHOME) and run start_xwiki.bat in Windows or on Unix. To stop it, run the stop_xwiki.bat script on Windows and on Unix or Mac. On Mac you will need to use "Open with Terminal" or run this script from the Terminal.

Concerning the Generic Installer, you can use this command to launch the installation: java -jar <name_of_installer_file.jar>

Once XWiki is started point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ and the go to the User's Guide to learn how to use XWiki.

In some cases, you might already have a Web Server running on port 8080. If this happens you have to use another port, specified by passing an argument to the start script (e.g. using the port 8081, as in 8081).

You can log in using the default Admin user (first letter is capitalized). The default password is admin (lowercase).

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