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5 5  XWiki is a Java-based wiki and runs on a Servlet Container such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc. It also uses a relational database to store its content. It can run on almost any database (HSQL, MySQL, etc) but XWiki and the database need to be setup correctly.
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7 -There are several ways of installing XWiki:
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9 -* Use the [[Standalone distribution>>Documentation.AdminGuide.InstallationStandalone]] which already packages a Servlet Container (Jetty) and a database (HSQL), filled with default wiki pages. This is the recommended option for first time XWiki users and for users who wish to quickly try out XWiki.
10 -* Use the [[WAR distribution>>Documentation.AdminGuide.InstallationWAR]] and configure both your container and your database to work with it.
11 -* Use the [[.deb package>>Documentation.AdminGuide.InstallationViaAPT]] to install the last version of XWiki and the dependencies.
12 -* [[Use a non-official installation method>>Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation#HOtherInstallationMethods]].
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14 14  If you're upgrading an existing XWiki install check the [[Upgrade instructions page>>Documentation.AdminGuide.Upgrade]].
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16 -Pick one of the trails in the outline on the right to get started.
9 +Pick one of the [[installation methods>>#HInstallationMethods]] to begin installing XWiki.
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18 18  Once you've finished the installation check the other topics in the [[Admin Guide>>Documentation.AdminGuide.WebHome]] for configuring and [[securing>>Documentation.AdminGuide.Security]] your wiki.
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36 36  For testing XWiki, we highly recommend one of the following installation method:
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31 +* [[Using XWiki in the cloud>>Hosted.WebHome]]: This is by far the simplest to try XWiki since you don't need to install anything.
38 38  * [[Using a standalone distribution >>Documentation.AdminGuide.InstallationStandalone]]: Provides a built-in XWiki, with a portable database (HSQLDB) and a lightweight Java container (Jetty). This standalone distribution is not recommended in a production environment. If you need to use it in a production basis, you may look at the other options.
39 39  * [[Using an official XWiki Docker image>>]]: Provides an easy solution to test XWiki, with a configuration very close to a production setup. You can also use this method in production if you're used to putting Docker images in production.
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