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150 150  * XWiki.XWikiAllGroup (list of registered users) and XWiki.AdminGroup (list of Admins): If you have existing users and import a new version of these pages, you'll find that your users do not belong to these groups anymore and thus may not be able to edit pages, log in, etc. You'll need to add them again to the right groups.
151 151  * Any other page you have modified, such as Main.WebHome, a modified Panel, etc.
152 152  
153 +1.1.1 Upgrading an XWiki v0.9 Installation
154 +
155 +The idea behind this is to install the new version in a clean environment, copy the database to the new environment, copy your skin and make some minor adjustments. Let?s rock and roll !!
156 +* Download the [latest XWiki WAR version>] (the enterprise one)
157 +* Follow the instructions in [installing the XWiki WAR manually>]
158 +\\
159 +At this point you have a clean install with an empty database, so the next steps will be to fill it with you old data and settings. It?s a good point to test your fresh and clean environment.
160 +* Migrate the data in your old database using the proper procedures (backup/restore, import/export, etc.)
161 +* Execute the next statement in your database engine : {style:type=span|font-family=courier new,courier}alter table xwikidoc modify column XWD&#95;ARCHIVE mediumtext null{style} (take a look at [this bug report>])
162 +* If you are using XWiki authentication, up to XWiki 1.0 RC the passwords were stored *in clear* in the database. Passwords are now hashed, so, we are providing [a tool>] to automatically hash all passwords from an existing database. {style:color=red} *WARNING:* Start by backing up your wiki by doing an export or backuping your database. Then import that XAR into your wiki (be sure to be logged as an Admin) and then go to the Admin.CryptPasswords and follow the instructions there. {style}
163 +\\
164 +Now you have the new XWiki core and your old data we can make a new test: you must see the old data and a new interface : perhaps not the best, perhaps it looks bad, but at this point we must assure that all data is correctly migrated to the new environment.
165 +* Expand the XWiki WAR that you installed in your servlet container (the one that contains the JDBC drivers to access your database)into a new folder.
166 +* Copy your old {style:type=span|font-family=courier new,courier}xwiki.cfg{style} and {style:type=span|font-family=courier new,courier}hibernate.cfg.xml{style} file to the WEB&#45;INF folder. Take care that if some changes were already made (probably because of database configuration when you installed the JDBC drivers) could be lost, so take car to add these changes
167 +* Rename the skins/albatross folder to albatross.original, and copy the skins/default folder from XWiki 0.9 to skin/albatross.
168 +* Install this new folder as the xwiki application in your servlet container (may be by copying the folder to the servlet filesystem space or by packing it in a WAR file and deploying it)
169 +\\
170 +At this point all is set, you can experience our old wiki data over the new XWiki core !!!
171 +
153 153  1.1 Troubleshooting
154 154  
155 155  1.1.1 Field 'XWD_ARCHIVE' doesn't have a default value

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