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22 22  1. Log in as an administrator.
23 23  1. Click on the *<tt>Administration</tt>* link in the top right corner of the screen to go to the main Administration page.
24 24  1. Choose the *<tt>Groups</tt>* tab to bring up an overview of all groups.
25 -1. Click on the pencil near the group you want to edit. This will open a lightbox with the contents of that group.
26 -1. You can add a new user to the group by typing the user's name in the input near *<tt>Add new user</tt>*. After starting to type, if the user exists, a suggest feature will be displayed, containing a list of all the users whose names contain the typed letters, so you can select from among them.
27 -1. You can also add an entire group into the current group that you are editing. This can be done by typing the group name in the input near *<tt>Add new group</tt>*.
28 -1. You also can delete a user / group by clicking on the *<tt>X</tt>* button as shown below.
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30 -{image:editgroup.jpg}
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