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22 22  1. Log in as an administrator.
23 23  1. Click on the *<tt>Administration</tt>* link in the top right corner of the screen to go to the main Administration page.
24 24  1. Choose the *<tt>Groups</tt>* tab to bring up an overview of all groups.
25 +
26 +{image:deletegroup.jpg}
25 25  1. Click on the pencil near the group you want to edit. This will open a lightbox with the contents of that group.
26 26  1. You can add a new user to the group by typing the user's name in the input near *<tt>Add new user</tt>*. After starting to type, if the user exists, a suggest feature will be displayed, containing a list of all the users whose names contain the typed letters, so you can select from them.
27 27  1. You can also add an entire group into the current group. This can be done by typing the group name in the input near *<tt>Add new group</tt>* and then select one from the suggested list.

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