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User Authentication

XWiki supports different authentication mechanisms for authenticating users:

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The form authentication is the default mechanism.

Note that currently XWiki allows only one method of authentication to be enabled at a time which means you cannot implement policies such as if the user is not found in LDAP then check if he's in the XWiki database. This will probably be improved in the future.

Form Authentication


LDAP Authentication

Generic LDAP configuration

In order to enable the LDAP support you have to change the authentication method in WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg as follows:


You can setup the LDAP configuration either on the XWiki.XWikiPreferences page or in the xwiki.cfg file

  • XWiki.XWikiPreferences: you will need to use the class editor to add the following fields:
    • ldap_server
    • ldap_port
    • ldap_check_level
    • ldap_base_DN
    • ldap_bind_DN
    • ldap_bind_pass
    • ldap_UID_attr
    • ldap_fields_mapping
  • xwiki.cfg: use the following properties in the xwiki.cfg file
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.server
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.port
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.check_level
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.base_DN
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.bind_DN
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.bind_pass
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.UID_attr
    • xwiki.authentication.ldap.fields_mapping




LDAP Configuration for Active Directory

Here are values of the properties you need to set if your LDAP server implementation is Miscrosoft Active Directory:

  • ldap_server: name/IP of AD server machine
  • ldap_port: port (e.g. 389)
  • ldap_check_level: 1
  • ldap_base_DN: name of root DN (e.g. dc=ad,dc=company,dc=com)
  • ldap_bind_DN: domain{0} (e.g. ad{0} where {0} will be replaced by username during validation)
  • ldap_bind_pass: {1} (where {1} will be replaced by password during validation)
  • ldap_UID_attr: sAMAccountName
  • ldap_fields_mapping: name=sAMAccountName,last_name=sn,first_name=givenName,fullname=displayName,mail=mail,ldap_dn=dn

eXo Authentication

The eXo authentication is used automatically by adding/editing the xwiki.exo=1 property in WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg.

Custom Authentication

This allows plugging to any existing authentication mechanism such as SiteMinder, etc. To configure a custom authentication do the following:

  1. Implement the XWikiAuthService interface.
  2. Edit the WEB-INF/xwiki.cfg file and add a xwiki.authentication.authclass property pointing to your class. For example:
xwiki.authentication.authclass = com.acme.MyCustomAuthenticationService

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