XWiki Logo Challenge

Last modified by Jean-Vincent Drean on 2020/01/28

Mar 01 2010

Hi XWikiers!

It's time to inject new blood in XWiki.org. While discussing about improving its look & feel we thought it would be a good time to create a new logo for XWiki.org as it's an important part of a website design. We borrowed the current logo from XWiki.com some time ago and, in order to keep the distinction between the company and the Open-Source project clear, we think XWiki.org websites and projects need their own logo.

As you may know, we love proposals, that's why we'd like to make the logo design an open challenge, anyone interested can join and a vote amongst the community will determine the winner. Even if the main purpose of the challenge is to have fun, the person whose design gets selected will receive XWiki goodies, including his logo printed on a t-shirt obviously emoticon_smile The designer of the selected logo will enter the Hall Of Fame, and last but not least reward : the design will be spread wide (XWiki Enterprise is more than 10000 downloads/month and XWiki.org web site more than 50000 visits a month).

The challenge takes place on dev.xwiki.org


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