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Blog - What's New for XWiki: Extension - posts for April 2024

Apr 25 2024

Formula Extension 14.8 Released

The Formula Extension 14.8 has been released.

The Formula macro is now automatically discoverable by XWiki and the support for exporting to LaTeX has been added (it was previously located in the LaTeX extension itself but has now been moved out since the Formula macro is no longer bundled in XWiki Standard). ...

LaTeX Extension 1.25 Released

The LaTeX Extension 1.25 has been released. It's a bugfix release and it also prevents the Figure Macro to be installed automatically. In addition the support for the Formula Macro has been moved to its own extension, which you'll need to install if you use it and want to export to LaTeX. ...

Figure Extension 15.4.3 & 15.4.4 Released

The Figure Extension 15.4.3 and 15.4.4 have been released. The main change is the addition of a new Figure Macro API (this allows the LaTeX extension to no longer install the Figure Macro by default). ...

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