What happened in 2017?

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Dec 27 2017

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Quite a lot of events happened for the XWiki project in 2017. In order to keep everyone informed on how the project is evolving, here is a summary of the different events that kept us moving during the past 12 months, in chronological order.

New user forum

In May, we switched to a new user forum powered by the Discourse open source project. The idea behind that was to provide an easier solution for any XWiki user to connect with the community without having to subscribe to a mailing list. At the time of writing this article, forum.xwiki.org lists nearly 1800 threads.

Though the mailing list [email protected] is now in "read-only" mode, you can still view its archives either on Markmail or on Nabble.

Introduction of Flavors

Starting with XWiki 9.5.1, we switched from providing the old "XWiki Enterprise" package, with a default set of installed applications to the "Flavors" concept. In XWiki, a flavor is simply a bundle of extensions that serve a particular usage. As an equivalent to XWiki Enterprise, we now release the "XWiki Standard" flavor that provides the same functionalities as XWiki Enterprise while using this new concept.

For more informations, do not hesitate to check out Caty's blog post on this subject.

Participation to GSoC 2017

This summer, XWiki was part of the Google Summer of Code. Four projects were coordinated by Paul, Thomas and Vincent. Cool new extensions were developed such as repository connectors or DokuWiki import tools.

Get more informations about XWiki propositions for the GSoC, for 2017 and the previous participation years on this page.

Participation to GCI 2017


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