The XWiki development process uses JIRA for listing all tasks to be implemented and all bugs to be fixed.

You'll find there the dates and versions planned for issues to be fixed and hence the XWiki roadmaps. There's also a release calendar listing all known dates for future releases. Please understand that these dates are often tentative since XWiki's development is open source and lots of committers/contributors are working in their free time on XWiki.

If you're interested to help out check the contributing page.

We're releasing several top level projects together and as such we've decided to have the same Roadmap page for all of them. Thus this page contains the roadmap for the following projects: XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering and XWiki Platform.

General goals for all releases:

  • More tests
  • Better javadoc
  • More documentation on
  • Code cleanup/refactoring

Already implemented roadmaps can be found in the archives.

Note that all planned release dates are also entered in the Calendar on JIRA.

XWiki 11.x Cycle

Release dates for the 11.x Cycle:

  • 11.0: January 2018 accept
  • 11.1: February 2018 cancel
  • 11.2: March 2018 cancel
  • 11.3: April 2018 cancel
  • 11.4: May 2018 cancel
  • 11.5: June 2018 cancel
  • 11.6: July 2018 cancel
  • 11.7: August 2018 cancel
  • 11.8: September 2018 cancel
  • 11.9: October 2018 cancel
  • 11.10: November 2018 cancel
  • 11.10.1 & 11.10.2: December 2018 cancel

XWiki 11.1


  • Focus on finishing items marked important in 2018 and that couldn't be started


  • All: BFD (Priority on Notifications for Guillaume)
  • STAMP: Vincent (30%)
  • FASTEN: Vincent (10%) + Thomas (30%)
  • Simon: Finish "Browsers usually cache JS/CSS resources even if they have changed”
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    BugXWIKI-6073Browsers usually cache JS/CSS resources even if they have changedClosed02-Mar-2011
  • Simon: Display Reference of documents to copy paste
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    New FeatureXWIKI-13362Display the page reference for a page, for users to be able to copy-paste itClosed21-Apr-2016
  • Marius: Finish autocomplete of references in WYSIWYG Macro parameters (include/display macros, etc)
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    ImprovementXRENDERING-553Expose the display type property in the parameter descriptorsClosed23-Jan-2019
  • Marius: ConfigurableClass doesn't support page level configuration case
  • Marius: Improve the XClass picker when in object edit mode (make it like the Add Macro dialog for WYSIWYG editor)
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    BugXWIKI-14712Object editor doesn't display nicely xclasses located in nested spacesClosed20-Sep-2017
  • Thomas: Upgrade to Hibernate 5.x
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    TaskXWIKI-8286Upgrade to Hibernate 5.4.3Closed05-Oct-2012
  • Thomas: Performances
  • Thomas: Move to Velocity 2.x
    TypeKeySummaryStatusCreated Date
    TaskXCOMMONS-1296Upgrade to Velocity 2.2Closed17-Nov-2017
    TaskXCOMMONS-1529Upgrade to Velocity Tools 3.0Closed15-Nov-2018


  • 11.1RC1: 18th of Feb 2019
  • 11.1: 25th of Feb

XWiki 11.2



  • 11.2RC1: 18th of March 2019
  • 11.2: 25th of March
Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2012/12/20

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