Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.8.3

This is a bug fix and enhancement release mainly around new WYSIWYG and new Rendering modules.

Invalid macro parameters used for the "toc" macro. Cause: [Failed to validate bean: [must be greater than or equal to 1]]. Click on this message for details.

Changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.8.2

New WYSIWYG and Syntax bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3712 - Create an improved Image & Attachment Insertion UI XWIKI-3676 - Edit link does not set the edited page correctly when the reference is relative XWIKI-3645 - Scrolling behavior XWIKI-3616 - When a new page being created hasn't been saved yet, it doesn't show up in the treeview thus no attachment can be added XWIKI-3573 - Title style removed after hitting return then backspace at the beginning of a line XWIKI-3519 - Remove "inline" and rename "paragraph" into "plain text" in WYSIWYG options XWIKI-3431 - Implement the new UI for the Image dialogs XWIKI-3430 - Provide tabs allowing to switch between WYSIWYG and WIKI when editing a page (instead of entries in the right menu) XWIKI-3345 - The caret is not scrolled into view after pressing return at the end of the text area XWIKI-3341 - Typing after standalone links in internet explorer breaks the document XWIKI-3296 - Font family are not set correctly when editing a document with it set XWIKI-3290 - "Insert Column After" button doesn't work when in last column in IE6 XWIKI-3251 - Single enter key should go out of headings into a paragraph XWIKI-3063 - Support cleaning parameters in HTMLCleaner interface XWIKI-3767 - HTML cleaner shouldn't compact empty XML elements XWIKI-3764 - Modify behavior of HTML macro when it's set to contain wiki syntax XWIKI-3754 - XWikiDocument.getLinkedPages loose multiwiki information XWIKI-3745 - getLinkedPages in rendering 2.0 treats internal anchor links as links to the WebHome of the space XWIKI-3739 - Inline edit doesn't work for syntax 2.0 XWIKI-3736 - Anchor links are not rendered correctly XWIKI-3729 - XHTML parser does not handle white spaces correctly for unknown elements XWIKI-3720 - Upgrade to Jython 2.5 Beta 4 XWIKI-3716 - Parameters for groups are not supported when defined on a separate line XWIKI-3713 - Add getCurrentDocumentName to DocumentAccessBridge XWIKI-3675 - Allow entering invalid XHTML using the HTML macro XWIKI-3668 - Problem when there is a {{velocity}} marker in a title : double line under the title XWIKI-3418 - New rendering link to page that does not exist does not set the parent in edit link XWIKI-3417 - Attributes of
elements are dropped XWIKI-3082 - Macro block is not inline when it's the first element of the line XWIKI-2891 - Support automatic inline editing with new rendering

1.0 to 2.0 syntax converter bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3768 - Converter should makes sure velocity or html macro does not start in a block and ends in another XWIKI-3765 - Modify 1.0->2.0 converter based on new HTML macro behavior XWIKI-3742 - Converter does not support comma as velocity macro parameters separator XWIKI-3740 - Converter should print some log on error XWIKI-3738 - Conversion fails when table with escape-backslash and code macro are together XWIKI-3727 - Conversion does not honor empty cells in table XWIKI-3700 - Link syntax not escaped during syntax conversion XWIKI-3662 - Translate
into (((content))) XWIKI-3661 - Translate content into content

PDF export bug fixes and improvements

1.9M2 adds a few important features and addresses several issues related to the PDF export feature:
  • PDFs now contain a cover page and a table of contents page. pdf1.png pdf2.png
  • Changed the default font to FreeSerif, as it looks better on paper. pdf3.png
  • Scaled images preserve the custom dimensions in PDFs also, with the exception that the aspect ratio is always preserved to be the same as the original image, and:
  • Images are prevented from overflowing the paper, by being automatically scaled down to the maximum available space.
  • The export works when running the container as a user with no home directory, since now the cache is correctly created in the temporary directory.
  • A few style changes.

Office Importer bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3721 - Starting an already started openoffice server should be prohibited XWIKI-3711 - Upgrade officeimporter to use jodconverter-3.0-beta-2

Mailsender improvements

In 1.9M2 the SMTP setting (username, password, server port, and extra Javamail properties which allow to enable SSL) are easier to configure (now accessible in the Administration -> General tab), and are by default visible in the wiki. Previously, they had to be manually added to the XWiki.XWikiPreferences class. These settings are also used with the registration confirmation email.

smtp.pngThanks to Guralivu Paul and Lilanne Blaze for providing patches.

Other bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3771 - Create a CompactDocumentNameSerializer XWIKI-3724 - Some translation keys for officeimporter application are missing in 1.8.x XE versions XWIKI-3702 - Upgrade groovy to 1.6.2 XWIKI-3718 - Update french translations XWIKI-3757 - tables with blank headers produce "table: null" error XWIKI-3746 - Some pages are not displayed in XWikiExplorer XWIKI-3730 - "Always authenticate on ..." parameters don't work in languages other than english (RMUI) XAADMINISTRATION-38 - Adding a user/group to a group results in XWiki.Admin being displayed XSKINX-24 - Extension XClasses are not created anymore in virtual wikis XSKINX-25 - Allow file skin extension to be parameterized

Known issues

Migration notes

General Migration notes

The database structure hasn't been changed since XWiki Enterprise 1.5 so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database.

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above.

Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2009/05/06

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