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Image Project Organization Usage
123 Ocean 123 Ocean

123ocean uses XWiki to create a commercial space that is multicultural, free and open to all: the 123ocean Marketplace.
At 123ocean, you will be alerted in real time, you will find answers to your questions and products adapted to your interests and to your professions, while working for the good of the oceans.

360º Overheid Multiple Dutch governmental organizations

360º Overheid (in English: 360º Government) is actually a federation of wiki's from Dutch governmental organizations. In each wiki, a governmental organization - or partnership of organizations - captures it's legislative tasks, the products and services it delivers to fulfill these tasks, a comprehensive description of the process to 'produce' each product or service and - last but not least - the required criteria (quality and quantity) for the 'production' of it's products and services.
360º Overheid's goal is to standardize products, services, processes and 'contracts' and - thus - seduce organizations to reuse what's already been invented. 

ADETEM L'Association nationale des professionnels du marketing

Adetem's website includes public information about events, as well as a blog where recent news are posted. Some features are only accessible by login and restricted to members of the association.

AFDCC Association française des crédit managers et conseils is a presentation website for the French association of credit managers. Based on XWiki Enterprise, the website also acts as a discussion platform for the AFDCC community. XWiki Enterprise has been extended with livetables, a calendar, a newsletter subscription, etc.


EUROCONTROL uses XWiki in order to present and explain the content Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM). It is also used internally for the management of small projects, such as Digital NOTAM.

ALPHABib Bibliothèque Publique d'Information (Bpi)

Collaborative website based on XWiki Enterprise. Includes a blog and a forum.

APICe Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna

The APICe Wiki is an ever-growing collection of spaces devoted to the activities, ideas, products, and technologies of scholars, research groups, and project teams. The website benefits from a custom look and feel, custom user profiles, an events area, blogs and much more.

Aelia Aelia

Aelia's web site contains information about the group, their strategy, their network and the brand names, as well as a Press area.


The AIRRIA website is a presentation site based on XWiki, featuring information about the company and their services, contact information, news, as well as business references. Potential employees, partners and people interested in the franchise may contact the company directly using custom forms. Filters are used to sort jobs and job announcements may be exported in CSV and PDF format.

Lycée Albert de Mun Website Lycée Albert de Mun

The Lycée Albert de Mun website is based on XWiki Enterprise and features information about the institution and its educational offer, details about the registration process, as well as data regarding the Erasmus international program. The "Médiathèque" section offers a glimpse into the organization's life and projects. Certain information is restricted to logged in users.

Alenty Alenty

XWiki is used for Alenty's website and blog. It includes an extranet feature through which Alenty's team can communicate with its customers. XWiki University of Latvia (unofficial wiki)

The wiki is used to provide a number of resources related to software development, for the students and by the students at the Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia.

Anticipedia European Commission

XWiki Enterprise is used to allow all registered users to draft papers in cooperation with other users. The Blog is the information hub of Anticipedia. It contains information about updates in the Repository and Wiki, as well as other relevant news, comments and opinions.

Artsys Artsys

Artsys is using XWiki for their company's website. In this one, they are presenting their offer and their references. This is a corporate website.

AscTec Ascending Technologies

Ascending Technologies use XWiki for their research wiki. Both existing and new customers use this wiki to find information about AscTec UAVs - relevant for the work with their flight vehicles, AscTec Boards - relevant for the work with their onboard processor boards and AscTec Development Tools.

Athento Documentation Center Athento

Athento use XWiki for their Documentation Center, which contains the documentation for the Athento products.

Franchisé Axeo Axeo

The Axeo services website offers information about the company and their franchise program, including a form where interested parties may register to become a franchisee. The site also includes Testimonials and FAQ areas. The website benefits from a custom look and feel. BestVentes

Best Ventes is built on top of the XWiki platform. The website provides the best sales of major French merchants. Wiki pages are used to display lists coming from external databases thanks to the XWiki scripting features.

Bonita ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used as Bonita's main website. It  is used both as a traditional website and a community portal for Bonita developers.

Bpifrance EXCELLENCE Bpifrance

Bpifrance EXCELLENCE use XWiki to accommodate enterprise presentations, news, polls. Livetables are used to display and filter information. The profiles have been customized to contain specific information about the company, their representative and news. The custom search makes it easy to search for specific enterprises, entrepreneurs or content. Results may be filtered by date, industry or region.

Brabantia Brabantia

Brabantia has been using the XWiki software mostly within their IT department. Its members are able to share information, procedures, use cases or best practices within their department as well as the other departments of the company.

Brookes Hub Student Hubs

Student Hubs uses XWiki Enterprise 2.7.1 to have students at Oxford Brookes University get involved in a number of social and environmental issues, and ways of making a difference. Livetables are used to browse articles, opportunities and member groups. A calendar is integrated with the wiki.

Buddha Wiki Sangha Rimay International

The "Rimay Wiki" project aims to develop a database about Buddhist traditions. This project is based on the XWiki SAS Knowledge Base solution.

CCFC Directory The French Chamber Of Commerce In Canada

The CCFC platform allows members to contact each other directly, to follow news about a particular company that may interest them, increase business opportunities, send their business cards and even organize events.
Limited information is available to visitors around the world, while editing contact information and unlimited access to all features are reserved to registered members. A livetable and advanced search features are used to easily filter and find information.

Community Legal Clinic Community Legal Clinic

Community Legal Clinic is based on XWiki, each CLC project partner having a page containing links to the interviews, non-interactive content and resources of interest to that community legal clinic. Users must log in to access their project space.

CNAM Languedoc-Roussillon CNAM Languedoc-Roussillon

This websites displays the local training offers of the CNAM Languedoc-Roussillon based on information provided by their internal management systems ([email protected]). The offer is actuated automatically, and their web masters are provided with easy tools to write editorial pages in relation with the offer.

CNAM Poitou-Charentes CNAM Poitou-Charente

This websites displays the local training offers of the CNAM Poitou-Charentes based on information provided by their internal management systems (Proprietary MySQL database). The offer is actuated automatically, and their web masters are provided with easy tools to write editorial pages in relation with the offer.

e-CYO CYO Netgroup

XWiki is integrated in e-CYO corporate intra/extranet as a knowledge management tool.

Web site

Campus Numérique 2.0 Connaissance Network

The platform is based on XWiki Enterprise 2.6. It features customized profiles and spaces, as well as a social network dedicated to information exchange between participants and trainers.

Cap Digital Cap Digital

XWiki is used as the basis for Cap Digital website (including services such as an agenda) but also as the cluster main mean of communication.
Cap Digital's XWiki implementation includes a full-featured community module allowing the creation of spaces for specific projects. Each of those space includes a blog and a wiki. 

CartoPass SOFTEC sa

This web site is build on an large XWiki extension developed internally, that allows collaborative edition of POI directly on a Map.

CdLS World CdLS World

The CdLS (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome) website includes a "What is CdLS" section where visitors can find information about CdLS. In the "Who we are?" section users may read more about the federation, its mission and people. The "News and stories" area provides the latest news around the CdLS. Finally, visitors may use the "Ask the Expert" section to get answers to the questions they have about CdLS.

Chronopolys Avane

XWiki is used to power Chronopolys, a project portfolio management application. Chronopolys uses XWiki for its back-end but its interface has been customized in Javascript to provide specific features.

Cinquième Sens Cinquième Sens

XWiki is used for Cinquième Sens website. It features a contact page, a blog and the profile of Cinquième Sens team members. 

CondoWiki Skaha Software

Used as the main website for CondoWiki. CondoWiki is using XWiki 1.0 to offer a wiki-based website to its users. 

Contium Contium SA

Internal Knowledge Base

Contrail Wiki Contrail Consortium

The Contrail wiki is used to document the Contrail software suite and to post resources for developers and contributors. Additionally the wiki offers a download area with installation instructions. Panels are used on the project homepage to display blog posts and Bamboo build results for the Trunk build.

CosGov ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used as the conference homepage. Using it allowed the gathering of keynotes from sessions speakers as well as providing attendees with a calendar of the event.

Curriki Global Education & Learning Community

XWiki is used to power Curriki. Thanks to the XWiki back-end, users can add new educational material to the website and browse through available resources.

DevForce Resource Center IdeaBlade

Documentation section built on XWiki for the DevForce framework.


XWiki is used for the EDOS project main website. It offers an access to all the information related to the project. 

The website makes extensive use of XWIki tagging feature to keep information organized.

Efféa Franchise Efféa

The Efféa website offers information about the company and their franchise program, including a form where interested parties may register to become a franchisee. The site also includes Testimonials and FAQ areas. A blog is used to display the latest news. The website benefits from a custom look and feel, which includes panels that display key figures and opportunities.

E.L.S.A. Service G.I.H.P. Acquitaine

This Web site is built as a commercial platform to record offers of home exchanges and allows subscribers to exchange their private contact information. This site is mostly compliant with Web Accessibility Initiative requirements for obvious reasons.

EPEC Network Information System EPEC Network

XWiki is in the rock solid foundation of our information system. We use it to gather information sources helping users to transform them into knowledge. Collaborative edition of scientific documents is currently our main objective.

EasyBeans ObjectWeb Consortium

EasyBeans uses XWiki as the platform for its main website. They are using a customized skin while retaining XWiki architecture.

Easy Beans Wiki ObjectWeb Consorium

This instance of XWIki is used for documentation purposes. It provides a support platform to EasyBeans committers and contributors.

Easy Vista Easy Vista

Easy Vista use XWiki to publish their documentation, release notes and information about their service.

Franchise Ecowash mobile Ecowash

This website is used by all the Ecowash franchisees. This is a knowledge base providing information about how to become an Ecowash franchisee. The website features an FAQ, a news space and a testimonials space, as well as a form to become a franchisee.

Effinergie eGuilde

XWiki is used to build Effinergie's website. Main features are:

  • integration of Google Calendars
  • limited registration based on Google Contacts
  • automated Press Review
Energisa Energisa

Energisa is using the XWiki solution for internal purposes after deploying it in production in 2014. The solution is used by all the group's subsidiaries in order to launch wikis internally on demand. Each department is able to benefit from his own workspace, as well as to share documents, information or procedures.

Esprits d'entreprises Esprits d'entreprises

XWiki is used as the platform on which the Esprit d'entreprises website is built. It features a blog as well as a members space where club members can share contacts and information.

Expertys Expertys Solutions

ERP-complement & Intranet

EzPlanet - Enterprise Linux EzPlanet One

Complementing the main website with collaboration area, collaboration & publishing platform for the community           

Information Management and Knowledge CETEC

Environment (system) to aid the Information Management and Knowledge.

GMX Information System University of Santiago de Compostela - Genomic Medicine Group

Our requirements for information sources integration are huge. From accountability to Bioinformatics and High Throughput genotyping. We do need a solid environment to construct a collaborative framework that help us to consolidate our team and knowledge assets.

Globotraders Tahiti website Globotraders tahiti

XWiki is used as the Globotraders Tahiti main Internet portal and as its collaborative platform for its business partners and clients.

Go Metric! USA Metric Conversion Group

Main site is XWiki on Solaris. XWiki blog feature is extensively used on the website, notably using blog categories to classify information and posts.

I2GEO Intergeo Project

XWiki & Curriki are leveraged to create a website that collects interactive geometry resources of the web in one central place and in one exchangeable format.

The i2geo platform is dedicated to interactive geometry. This specialization allows this platform to offer extra services for interactive geometry users.

IBM International Business Machines

Piloting and testing XWiki for possible use as a collaborative forum and knowledge base for a client consortium.

IDIS Santiago Health Research Institute of Santiago (IDIS)

IDIS use XWiki Enterprise to list projects and services, as well as information about seminars, workshops and newsletters. Groups have been created for the different research areas. Members are added to the groups depending on their area of expertise. Livetables are used to list the groups and the group members.

INDUSTRIAL WIKI DE software & control GmbH

XWiki is at the core of our software product INDUSTRIAL WIKI. It is a customized wiki tailored to the needs of manufacturing documentation, like manuals, work instructions, event logs etc..


INRA is using XWiki as a collaborative work solution for all its collaborators. INRA includes several laboratories located throughout the french territory and is deploying wikis on-demand for its different laboratories and projects.

Some wikis are public

IRCAD Institut de Recherche contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif

Used for IT department intranet. In future, used for IRCAD intranet. Used to increase collaborative edition, KM and software accessibility.

INEMAR Database Inemar

INEMAR (Atmospheric Emission Inventory) is a database aimed at an inventory of emissions in the atmosphere, which is currently used in seven regions and two autonomous provinces in Italia. The system allows to estimate the emissions of the main macro-pollutants (SO2, NOx, NMVOC, CH4, CO, CO 2, N 2 O, NH 3, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP) and aggregates pollutants (CO 2 eq, "acidifying substances" precursors and ozone) for many types of activities and fuels.

Inis Alga Inis Alga

XWiki is used as both the main website (including a blog) and an extranet. Customers have their dedicated space with private access on the wiki while prospects can discover our offering easily.

JASMINe ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used as JASMINe website and participative platform. It offers a space where members of the project can communicate together.

Java EE 5 Book Personal Use

Personal web site of a senior software architect specialised in Java/Java EE.

JOnAS ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used as the basis for the brand new JOnAS website. They have designed their own skin while taking advantage of XWiki core back-end features.

Knowledge Exchange Network CAPHC

CAPHC use XWiki for their community website. New topics, which can be either public or private, are created using a custom form. Each topic benefits from a livetable where all pages pertaining to that subject are listed. Custom watchlist notifications have also been implemented.


The dental sector in Sweden uses this as a reference for the reimbursement system, as a stand alone site or iframed/called upon from any of Swedens big dental management softwares.

Laura Sibelius Academy

The XWiki is set up for the song text translation database. Search interface relies on Smartclient-library.

Leica Captivate 2.0 Leica Geosystems AG

General knowledge base, for helping 1st level support & resource for online training (for Leica Captivate 2.0).

LinXea Wiki LinXea

XWiki is used to power LinXea's community wiki. Written in French, its aim is to provide relevant info regarding wealth management. Everyone can access it but you need to be a LinXea customer to be allowed page edition. Guests can however use comments to add bits of information to the wiki.

Linkare Linkare TI, Ltd.

Using it as a knowledge base for the software development team, as well as company news to our co-workers...

Organic Electronics Group Linköping University

Internal communication/collaboration for Organic Electronics research group. Inc. Inc.

XWiki hosts the company's blog and wiki where we write about software development.

Mandriva Club Mandriva

Mandriva Club Community, 25000 members: XWiki is used as the club portal website, integrating a Knowledge Base as well as forums. The multilingualism features is extensively used with about 15 languages available on the club website! 

Mapa de Filmes Danilo Oliveira

Explore, discover and watch movie trailers!


MARKESS use XWiki as an extranet solution, more specifically to create and display e-books. The left tree and the breadcrumb navigation make it easy for readers to browse the different book pages.

Marketing pour PME Adetem

Adetem is using XWiki as a platform to share knowledge, marketing services & resources for SMEs.

Massachusetts General Hospital Laboratory of Computer Science

Used for project management and developer documentation (Intranet Only).


XWiki is used for the website. The website mainly uses XWiki Blog feature but also its ability to create and organize new pages easily. It has also created some custom RSS feeds.

McLeod USA McLeodUSA, Inc.

Engineering Development: Intranet - Communication & Collaboration - Knowledge Bases

Muhi Sibelius Academy

The XWiki is set up as an semantic database of articles about music history. Flash application is integrated to the XWiki-database. Search interface relies on Smartclient-library.

NFDC Web Portal The National Flight Data Center

The NFDC web portal is intended to service the aviation community providing the ability to browse for aeronautical data, submit data to the FAA for airport or chart updates, or communicate with FAA specialists.


NOiV is a project that aims to promote the development and the use of open standards and open source software within the Dutch government.
A wiki was set up in order to facilitate exchange and capitalization of knowledge in this area. 

nearbee Nearbee

XWiki is used as the platform on which both the Nearbee website and intranet solution are based.

Nepomuk Semantic Desktop

XWiki is used as Nepomuk primary main of communication, being both a public website and a knowledge base for members of the project.

Nestlé Purina Pet Care Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Primary means for development communication within our group.

Netcipia Netcipia, Participative Web Technologies

Used to build the Netcipia's farm offering free wikis/blogs in the Internet (2GB per wiki created) and the official Netcipia's website.

OER SpeakApps SpeakApps Project

The SpeakApps project has started an Open Educational Resources (OER) repository, where teachers will be able to find a growing amount of activities and experiences to be carried out in their classrooms. Moreover, and since the repository is build in a wiki environment, users will be able to actively contribute to the project by modifying and adapting activities to their needs. For doing so, all you need is to sign into OER through our Moodle platform, which is open to anyone by creating a free account.

When entering the repository, which is also accessible from the right column of this website, you will be able to search for a specific activity or to sort them by language preference or level taught, among other options. Note that some of the activities will be already finished and published, whereas others might be in pilot or work in progress stages. Activities can also be assigned a Feedback request status if an author wished to flag that feedback from colleagues is needed or welcome.

Office Polynésien pour l'Habitat (intranet) OPH

Development project analysis dedicated CMS

Open Source Initiative Open Source Initiative

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) uses XWiki to share all their activities of their board and team publicly.

OSSGTP Open-Source Get Together Paris

XWiki is used for OSSGTP main website. Members have access to the latest news from the group as well as presentation materials and meeting summaries. New events are organized through the wiki.

OW2 ObjectWeb & OrientWare

XWiki is used as the platform for the main website of OW2 as well as for many projects run by OW2

ObjectWeb Conference 06 ObjectWeb Consortium

The XWiki set up for the conference features its program, the photo album of the event as well as the list of keynote speakers and BOF sessions.

Observatoire BBC Association Effinergie

The Observatoire BBC project is both a public dissemination Web site to share experiences on Low Energy Building and a private application to build statistical figures and store analytical information on current LEB realisations. Publicly disseminated data are directly extracted and reorganized from private internal data. Data are imported and reworked in a collaborative manner by all members of the Observatoire BBC. The production of graphical statistics and pedagogic PDF documents are directly integrated in this online product hosted as an SaaS application. Odo ltd

Knowledge management and collaboration.

One Entry OneEntry B.V.

Wiki used by our developers, internal only.

Oompah Oompah! Band

Creating a wiki to nuture the development of the performing arts community in Omaha, Nebraska,

OpenCS OpenCS

XWiki is used as the basis for OpenCS website. It features a login page as well as a community area. XWiki has been widely reskinned for this project.

Open Cloudware Open Cloudware

Open Cloudware are using XWiki Enterprise 4.5.1 for their presentation website, with the blog application being used to promote events.

OpenInno VTT, FIMA, COSS, Hypermedia Laboratory

The Xwiki farm is used as a OpenInno project website and as a knowledge management tool of several development and innovation projects.

OrangeGears OrangeGears Project

ERP & Business Platform

Orchestra ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used for the project website. It is used to communicate about the projec and create the documentation. Memebers of its community can login and contribute. 

Ouverture Paris-Région Ouverture Paris-Région

XWiki is used for the cluster open website as well as for its community. Users can create private spaces and work together on them. Tags are used to organize information throughout the website.

Oxygen Kernel Oxygen Working Group

Oxygen Kernel documentation and the associated software forge are based on XWiki.


XWiki is used a a basis for the PJBUG website. The PJBUG uses the blog feature to communicate information to all its members easily.

Proyecto Universidad Empresa Proyecto Universidad Empresa

Happily used in several computer science courses.

Petals ObjectWeb Consortium

XWiki is used as the Petals project main website where developers can share information, documentation and find out they can contribute.

Pfarreiengemeinschaft Westum Löhndorf Pfarreiengemeinschaft Westum Löhndorf

Public website for information and collaboration of parishioners.
The site use the colibri skin with a custom colour scheme  inspired by the website of the Vatican.

Planète Performance RC&A Consulting

The website is based on XWiki Enterprise and benefits from a custom look and feel. The blog application is used to share industry information and broadcast upcoming events. Visitors can create accounts and actively participate in the community. A newsletter feature allows you to periodically receive information about Planète Performance's activity.

Planète Sankoré Sankoré

Curriki, the education solution based on XWiki, was upgraded to XWiki 3.1 and integrated with Sankoré's existing desktop application. Sankore's app is used to publish educational resources. The goal of the integration with Curriki was to be able to organize these resources in XWiki, straight from the browser. Additional developments were made in order to be able to attach large files to the wiki.

Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management Sloan Foundation

The broad goals of this project are to document, foster and promulgate best practices in research data management (RDM), practices that support research transparency and the replication of scientific results.

R.Ø.S.A. R.Ø.S.A. Creation. Technology. Intelligence. AG

XWiki is used for the project management of large projects.

Requea Requea

Requea use XWiki Enterprise to organize and display the platform documentation. The pages contain everything you want to know, from creating Applications, to Deploying and Administering those apps.

Roma Roma Framework

XWiki is used for the project website. The project uses it for documentation purposes as well as a community management tool. The blog is quite useful too...

SASci Society for Anthropological Sciences

The Society for Anthropological Sciences use XWiki to promote news, meetings, resources, membership and employment offers.

Scryve Scryve

XWiki is used to power Scryve's site for environmentally and socially aware internet browsing. Semantic Desktop

XWiki is used as the website of the project as well as its wiki. It is the mean through which the Semantic Desktop primarily communicates. private

Diploma thesis wiki


Sentilo is an Open Source project for which the Barcelona City Council is currently the main sponsor and code contributor. XWiki is used on the Sentilo website to offer information about the product and the project. XWiki is also used for the community section, with an area dedicated to documentation, an FAQ and a page promoting participation.

Customer Self-Services Division Siebel Inc.

XWiki used as dashboard for developer's communication. Intranet only.

Sirius 71

The Sirius 71 platform offers a space for debate where people may share their opinion and their vision about how the Saône-et-Loire French department should be evolving towards 2030.

SpagoWorld Engineering Group

SpagoWorld use XWiki for their presentation website that contains information about the company, the solutions, services, community, as well as the partnership program.

Spicy Pixel Spicy Pixel

Spicy Pixel uses XWiki as the basis for their website and Knowledge Base. The blog feature is also used for the news section while a forum has been integrated within XWiki pages.

Springer Springer

Springer use XWiki as a presentation site for their pilot project on Linked Open Data.

Surrey Biodiversity Partnership Surrey Wildlife Trust

XWiki is used to power the partnership's main website. A custom new look has ben designed for them by Cyan Shiner. They are taking advantage of XWiki's extensive skinning abilities to create a website that will help raise awareness about endangered UK habitats and species.


Complete site powered by xwiki. Using a modified toucan skin. The beginnings of a collection of blogs and articles centered around datacenter enabling technologies for the IT community.

System Werks The System Werks

Running in VMWare Server, on CentOS 5, IBM Websphere HTTP Server, IBM Websphere Application Server. Teacher and Student use for J2EE courses at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine Illinois. Professional use for many varied technologies. Personal use.

Franchise Technitoit Technitoit

This website is used by all the Technitoit franchisees. This is a knowledge base providing information about how to become a Technitoit franchisee. The website features an FAQ, a news space and a testimonials space, as well as a form to become a franchisee.

Tennis Club Municipal du Tampon Tennis Club Municipal du Tampon

The Web site of TCMT allows easy sharing of pictures and collaborative updates of the club life. The reservation service 'Balle Jaune' as been fully integrated into the site for allowing club members to reserve their tennis court directly from the club site without any registration to 'Balle Jaune'.

Terracotta Terracotta

Internal site: using XWiki as an intranet. Good Java Scalability.

Thales Research Projects Thales

Thales is using XWiki as a public website that describes the research projects that they are taking part in. The content of the Research Projects web site is built collaboratively by the different contributors and participants to the projects. Certain features, such as Calendar, Meeting and Private Documents are only available to registered users.

Tira Go Mobile Community Portal Tira Wireless Inc

Online community for developers in the mobile space

TripAdvisor TripAdvisor

XWiki is used in a clusterized version to power the website "inside pages" where travelers can post reviews of the places they went to. XWiki features used by TripAdvisor include:

  • History / Rollback
  • Page Editing
  • Comments
Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza

XWiki is used as the platform on which the University website is built. The website features a news section as well as an event calendar. XWiki built-in search engine is also used.

UPS United Parcel Service of America

Used internally (intranet) as a team documentation system for those who maintain the UPS employee portal.

uPHOTOMEASURE Digicontractor Corporation

XWiki is used to power uPHOTOMEASURE's website & FAQ. 

USH L'Union sociale pour l'habitat

USH use XWiki to manage their resources, which are organized by themes. Panels, tags and livetables are used for navigation. The advanced search capabilities with filters make it easy to find the appropriate resources.
XWiki is also used to promote the H'Expo congress and salon. On a dedicated wiki you can find the event program, reports, a photo / video section, as well as a registration area for participants.

IWA WaterWiki International Water Association (IWA)

Based on XWiki, the IWA WaterWiki provides a platform for the global water community to interact and share knowledge online. Improvements include a forum and information organization using structured data.

WebtopProject WebtopProject

WebtopProject use XWiki for website and more. XWiki is used like a CMS system with a customized skin.

Wiki Skills The Supercomputing Centre of Galicia (CESGA)

The WikiSkills project aims to analyze and apply the benefits of using the wiki tool for lifelong learning programs, thus empowering civic behavior, social inclusion, employability, cultural understanding and the abilities to learn autonomously.

WikiSym WikiSym

Used as a Conference web site

WikiTerritorial CNFPT

CNFPT manages the training of all officers from the territorial public service. As part of its policy of online resources, CNFPT launched WikiTerritorial, a website dedicated to online knowledge and news about territorial subjects.

Wikipeople ELLE

XWiki is used as a wiki aiming at the creation of articles talking about stars and celebrities. Note the customized look, purposedly designed to look like usual MediaWiki interfaces: what other wiki could do that?

Wosah Wosah

Wosah is using XWiki as a website to promote their activity.

Old XWiki SAS

Used for the website and the intranet of the company. It helps us coordinate the work of our team members from Romania, Viet Nam, London, Paris and other locations. XWiki SAS

XWiki is used as the platform for the XWiki SAS corporate website. We skinned it to make it look like an usual website, taking advantage of collaborative page edition to keep it alive easily.

YASU Technologies YASU Technologies
  • Single site for all departments intranets including Dev, Marketing, HR etc.
  • Collaboration & publishing platform for the Development Teams
  • Single Source for all Development Team's Documents including Specs, Requirements, Change Requests, Release Information, Process Details etc.
  • Using XWiki since March 2005
aliCE aliCE Research Group

Public web portal of the aliCE research group.

Cadpoint Jan Slegr

XEM and XE used, only minor modifications implemented, step by step translated to Czech language.

eBaoTech Knowledge Management eBaoTech

This website is used for consolidate knowledge from daily work. 

eRes Information Center eRes Development

eRes uses XWiki to offer information related to the company's suite of products. The content is accessible only to registered members. 

eXo Technical Documentation Wiki eXoplatform

eXo Platform uses the wiki to make all its documentation available and easily updatable for its customers.

ENTSO-E European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

The Glossary, build on top of XWiki, contains over 1.5k entries, which can be filtered using the livetable. An advanced search provides additional filtering criteria. By selecting a term visitors can view all the information on that particular definition and its status.
Users may propose new terms or make proposals to improve a definition. The improvement process a definition workflow with tasks. The definition workflow is a process driven by members, with expertise on definitions. The members’ contributions to the definition workflow varies, according to the roles their are assigned to. Key measures and statistics that highlight the current status of the Glossary are also available.

iDiva Times Internet Ltd

iDiva uses XWiki as its underlying platform for creating and publishing content. All additional functionalities like rating, analytics etc are built as plugins. Collaborative functionalities will be made available in subsequent phases.


Capitalising ITS experience gained in the course of large scale projects by project leaders .

jAPS 2.0 Platform Agiletec

The integration between jAPS 2.0 Platform and a centralized authentication system consists of an external Wiki, XWiki, and Single Sign On CAS (Central Authentication Service).

Parents 2.0 Parents 2.0

Online community for Parents

pinsail - Sea adventure search engine pinsail

XWiki is a backbone of the content management in pinsail. Together with an in-house geo-search engine forms a platform targeting holidays makers who wish to spend their time on the sea.

synventis synventis

synventis use XWiki for their presentation website. synventis also develop solutions for their clients based on XWiki, having built a growing range of modular extensions on top of the platform.

vCalc vCalc

vCalc contains a library with a list of Calculators, Equations, Constants, & Datasets. Users have the possibility to contribute content to pages, rate and share them on social media. Calculators allow visitors to perform calculations and estimations. The wiki also features a knowledge base grouped by topics and a blog. The vCalc website has a highly customized look and feel and the navigation is enhanced by panels, a custom footer and menu. It's a great example of advance usages of XWiki.

The System Werks The System Werks

Computer technologies, software development and system integrations.

Created by Vincent Massol on 2007/03/13

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