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1 {{info}}This section is a work in progress.{{/info}}
3 This section aims to document all the front-end resources available in XWiki for application developers and for developers of the XWiki products. Front-end resources are of two main types:
5 * External Libraries
6 * Internal components (Based or not on some of the external libraries)
8 Front-end resources are mainly composed of JavaScript libraries, CSS stylesheets and their corresponding HTML reusable snippets (or velocity macro to output this snippet), and velocity macros.
10 Some of the resources presented in here are not included by default with all HTML-rendered wiki pages (it would be too much to send to the client!). You have to request their inclusion from a skin template or from the wiki page itself using the ##jsfx## plugin. For example, to request the inclusion of scriptaculous slider library, you can write, in [[XWiki Syntax 1.0>>Main.XWikiSyntax]]:
12 {{code}}$xwiki.jsfx.use("js/scriptaculous/slider.js"){{/code}}
14 In [[XWiki Syntax 2.0>>Main.XWikiSyntax]]:
16 {{code}}
17 {{velocity}}
18 $xwiki.jsfx.use("js/scriptaculous/slider.js")
19 {{/velocity}}
20 {{/code}}
22 The path you indicate to the ##jsfx## plugin is the relative path where the library can be found under the ##resources## directory of the XWiki webapp. Similarly to the ##jsfx## plugin, there is a ##ssfx## plugin that can be used to request the inclusion of CSS stylesheets files.
24 = External resources =
26 External resources are third party libraries bundled with the XWiki webapp as resources developers can use for their in-wiki applications, or to enhance the wiki itself. External resources are not included by default in HTML-rendered wiki pages, except for prototype.js.
28 Hereunder is a table presenting some of the external libraries XWiki comes with:
30 |image:prototype.gif |image:smartclient.png
31 |[[Prototype>>]] is a //"JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of web applications"//. It extends the JavaScript native objects and browser objects providing utilities for Ajax, OOP-style classes, and much more. Prototype is the only JavaScript library that is systematically shipped with any wiki page in XWiki. |[[Smartclient>>]] is an AJAX RIA system that allows the easy development of rich interface components. Using it in XWiki, you can build powerful front-end widgets that can leverage [[XWiki's RESTful API>>Features.XWikiRESTfulAPI]].
33 * Scriptaculous
34 * YUI
35 * [[LiveValidation]]
37 = Internal resources =
39 == Front-end Components ==
41 * [[Modal Popup>>ModalPopup]]
42 * [[Confirmation Box>>ConfirmationBox]]
43 * [[LiveTable]]
44 * [[Auto Suggest Widget>>DevGuide.AutoSuggestWidget]]
45 * [[Notification Widget>>DevGuide.XWikiNotifications]]
46 * [[HTML5 Upload>>DevGuide.HTML5Upload]]
48 == JavaScript resources ==
50 * [[JavaScriptAPI]]
51 * [[XWiki RESTFul API>>Features.XWikiRESTfulAPI]]
53 == StyleSheet resources ==
55 * [[Pagination>>Pagination]]
56 * [[Result List>>ListOfResults]]
57 * [[Search Box>>SearchBox]]
58 * [[Suggest Box>>SuggestBox]]
59 * [[Special CSS Classes>>SpecialCSSClasses]]
60 * Forms Layout Type:
61 ** [[Vertical Layout>>VerticalForms]]
62 ** [[Inline Layout>>InlineForms]]

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