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1 1 XWiki API Reference
3 XWiki's API are the objects and properties you can directly from your documents [using a scripting language>DevGuide.Scripting] (either Velocity or Groovy).
5 The latest API documentation is available as JavaDoc:
6 #set ($url1 = $xwiki.getPlugin("zipexplorer").getFileLink($doc, "", "index.html"))
7 #set ($url2 = $xwiki.getPlugin("zipexplorer").getFileLink($doc, "", "index.html"))
8 * <a href="$url1">Javadoc for XWiki Platform Core - 1.1.2</a>
9 * <a href="$url2">Javadoc for XWiki Platform Core - 1.2 Release Candidate 1</a>
11 Older Javadocs of XWiki can be found in our [Maven Release repository>]. For example for XWiki Platform Core Javadocs check the files suffixed by <tt>javadoc</tt> for the version you wish under [this directory>].

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