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13 13  Project in ("XWiki Commons", "XWiki Rendering", "XWiki Platform", "XWiki Enterprise", "XWiki Enterprise Manager") and fixVersion in ("4.1.3") and resolution in ("Fixed")
14 14  {{/jira}}
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16 +== Extension Manager improvements ==
17 +
18 +* When displaying a conflict during XAR extension install the right future author of the document is indicated for "next" and "merged" versions.
19 +* Indicate the language of the imported document in the log when installing a XAR extension
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16 16  = Known issues =
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18 18  * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
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40 40  If you still encounter issues while migrating your data, please ask us on our user mailing list and do not forget to provide a link to your failing logs so we may provide helpful hints.
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47 +== Comments stored with a custom mapping or custom annotation class ==
48 +
49 +If you happened to use a custom mapping for storing ##XWiki.XWikiComments## objects in a separate table, you may have experienced problems with the migration ##R40001XWIKI7540##. Dealing with custom mappings is outside the scope of the migration so now, if such a custom mapping is detected, the migration is simply skipped. The migration is also skipped if you use a custom annotation class for your annotation objects, other than the default ##AnnotationCode.AnnotationClass##.
50 +
51 +If you are in one of the two cases above and the migration is skipped, you will want to make sure that the ##Annotations## docextra tab is still visible. To make it visible, set ##Administration > Look & Feel > Page Elements > Document metadata visibility > Show document annotations## to ##Yes##. You will continue to use your custom annotations (in the Annotations tab) or custom mapped comments (in the Comments tab) as before, without them being merged into one Comments tab, as it happens by default in the latest versions.
52 +
53 +Please see {{jira style="enum" url=""}}XWIKI-8036{{/jira}} for more details.
54 +
55 +== Custom displayers in the XWikiUsers class ==
56 +
57 +If you have added some custom displayers to new or existing fields in the ##XWiki.XWikiUsers## class, you need to check and make sure that they are written in the currently default wiki syntax. This is required because the XWikiUsers document will now always be forced to use the currently default wiki syntax, no matter what syntax you save it with. If your custom displayers are written in 1.0 syntax, for example, and the class document is in 2.1 syntax, they will not render.
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42 42  == Issues specific to XWiki Enterprise 4.1.3 ==
43 43  
44 44  Nothing specific.

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