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168 168  [[image:[email protected]||style="border: 1px solid black;" width="550px;"]]
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170 +== 5.Invitation Manager Application ==
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173 +The Invitation Manager application allows users to send emails, inviting friends and colleagues to join a wiki. You will be able to configure your wiki to send emails through an open mail relay on the server or through an email account of your choosing.
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175 +image:[email protected]
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177 +Read more about this application and learn how to configure it by visiting the [[application page>>extensions:Extension.Invitation Application]].
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179 +== 6.New Template-based page creation ==
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181 +Starting with XWiki Enterprise 2.4 users and applications can provide documents that can be used as template when creating new pages. The new document (content, objects and other metadata) will be replicated from the template.
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183 +* After you have [[created the template and the template provider>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application#HEasyTemplatesCreationandAdministration28StartingwithXWikiEnterprise2.4M229]] you can then start creating pages from this template:
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185 +image:[email protected]
186 +
187 +* "Wanted Links" also offers the choice to create the new document from the available templates ( "My Template" template in the image below):
188 +
189 +image:[email protected]
190 +
191 +Find more details about the template creation and administration on the [[documentation page>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application#HEasyTemplatesCreationandAdministration28StartingwithXWikiEnterprise2.4M229]].
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170 170  == Easier development of configurable applications using [[XWiki.ConfigurableClass>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application#HMaking20your20application20easily20configurable20with203Ctt3EConfigurableClass3C2Ftt3E20Since2023M1]] ==
171 171  
172 172  If you are developing an application and you need to provide your users with a way to configure it from the [[Administration Application>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application]] you are in luck. All you need to do is create a custom class holding all of the configuration for your application, then add an object of your custom configuration class and an object of ##XWiki.Configurable## class. You will be able to configure your application from the administration interface.

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