XWiki Enterprise 2.6 Release Candidate 2

Version 5.1 by Vincent Massol on 2010/11/13
Warning: For security reasons, the document is displayed in restricted mode as it is not the current version. There may be differences and errors due to this.

Second release candidate of the XWiki Enterprise 2.6 version (Roadmap).

New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 2.6RC1)

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*Renamed recentactivity macro to activity macro.

Bug Fixes/Small improvements

  • [XE-743] - Apache proxy breaks icons on the Dashboard (again)
  • [XE-744] - Recent Activity fails to display on August, September, and any 8th and 9th of the month
  • [XE-747] - On importing/deleting/removing/copying a document, extra/wrong subentries are being displayed by the The [activity] macro is a standalone macro and it cannot be used inline. Click on this message for details.

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