Version 63.1 by Thomas Mortagne on 2009/10/14

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4 This is a bug fix and enhancement release.
6 = Changes since XWiki Enterprise 2.0 =
8 == New Features and Improvements
10 * XWIKI-4450 Converter should convert <tt> to ~## wiki syntax
11 * XWIKI-4469 Move officeimporter plugin functionality to wysiwyg top-level menu
12 * XWIKI-3996 Officeimporter dialog file import option should be disabled when there is no OO server available
13 * XWIKI-4434 Put a new line at the beginning and the end of group content in xwiki/2.0 renderer
14 * XWIKI-4121 Restrict openoffice server manipulations to main wiki
15 * XWIKI-4443 Remove duplicate URL in the XWiki logs
16 * XWIKI-4351 XWiki.WikiMacroClass's macro code field should be presented in a larger text area
17 * XAOFFICE-23 Add UI support for restricting openoffice server manipulations to main xwiki
18 * XAOFFICE-25 Hide Office Importer Features when the OOo server isn't running
19 * XSCOLIBRI-127 Make the shortcuts under the title honor the velocity variable set to disable comments/attachments/history/information
20 * XPWATCHLIST-72 Put links to pages in email notifications in virtual mode
22 == Important Bugs fixed
24 * XWIKI-4162 When in edit mode (all editors) back/forward looses the content you have changed
25 * XWIKI-4415 Context document not set when refreshing macros
26 * XWIKI-3965 Relative images are not displayed when switching from Source tab to Wysiwyg tab
27 * XWIKI-4141 A series of ~{{script language="groovy"}} macros will only output the result of first macro
28 * XWIKI-4420 AllAttachments page indicates wrong document for attachments the user is not allowed to view
29 * XWIKI-4365 Blockquote is badly parsed when one of its lines is styled
30 * XWIKI-3995 Canceling the Office Importer dialog re-inserts the last imported text
31 * XWIKI-4467 Converter does not convert horizontal line properly
32 * XWIKI-4454 DateProperty#toText() formatting is variable
33 * XWIKI-4462 Document#rename(String newDocumentName, List<String> backlinkDocumentNames) does not check rights like #rename(String newDocumentName) does
34 * XWIKI-4412 Documents in blacklisted spaces shouldn't be displayed in the wikilink dialog search results
35 * XWIKI-4474 Extra new line is generated when pressing Enter in an empty heading that has just been created
36 * XWIKI-4422 Focus the clipboard text area when the Office Importer dialog is opened and preserve the selection on tab switch
37 * XWIKI-4184 Group breaks list item when placed on a new line
38 * XWIKI-4453 Group parameters are lost when parsing XHTML
39 * XWIKI-4425 Impossible to link to a page names ending with a white space
40 * XWIKI-4455 Impossible to set custom parameter to a group in a table column
41 * XWIKI-4470 Link labels which are also standalone links are not correctly escaped
42 * XWIKI-4466 Lost nice display in view mode of boolean values from wiki macro and wiki macro parameter classes
43 * XWIKI-4418 Macro execution should catch ant Throwable instead of just Exception
44 * XWIKI-4427 NPE on simple TWIki Syntax
45 * XWIKI-4342 Nested definition list is broken when definition has custom parameters
46 * XWIKI-4331 Paragraph after heading 3 problem
47 * XWIKI-4392 Place the caret at the beginning of the content when swtching to WYSIWYG Source editor
48 * XWIKI-4426 Plain text parser should put the content in a ParagraphBlock
49 * XWIKI-4334 Problems removing italics from a definition
50 * XWIKI-4445 Stats module errors
51 * XWIKI-4176 Tables can be broken when line break syntax ~\\ is replaced with new line \n inside table cells
52 * XWIKI-4441 The thread name based on url contains "?null" when there is no querystring
53 * XWIKI-4417 Title with single quote shows up HTML-encoded in breadcrumb
54 * XWIKI-4408 Translating a group document duplicate results of members queries
55 * XWIKI-4174 Verbatim blocks are parsed back incorrectly
56 * XWIKI-4364 Verbatim blocks suffer corruption when previewed using the GWT editor
57 * XWIKI-4303 When a velocity macro contains html the converter should put the html macro markers inside the velocity macro itself
58 * XWIKI-4369 XHTML renderer generate invalide blockquote
59 * XWIKI-4411 XWikiServiceImpl's xwiki context is not handled threadsafe
60 * XWIKI-4399 ~((( ~))) looses class or style definitions when you edit in WYSIWYG
61 * XWIKI-4457 Macro parameter escaping
62 * XWIKI-4486 SheetClass class is not created automatically for subwikis
63 * XE-533 City and Country fields shouldn't be displayed since they have been removed
64 * XE-540 Document list for space dashboard fails to display correctly for pages in syntax 2.0
65 * XE-538 Incorrect English in "Sandbox" page
66 * XE-534 Invalid XHTML for XWiki.AllAttachments page
67 * XASCH-42 Scheduler script's code is not displayed correctly
68 * XAADMINISTRATION-57 City and Country fields shouldn't be displayed in inline view since they have been removed
69 * XSTOUCAN-126 Inline verbatim loose white spaces
70 * XSTOUCAN-127 In inline mode the style of the database tree picker (w/ YUI-based treeview) is messed up
71 * XSCOLIBRI-126 Inline verbatim loose white spaces
72 * XSCOLIBRI-128 In inline mode the style of the database tree picker (w/ YUI-based treeview) is messed up
73 * XSCOLIBRI-131 Title with single quote shows up HTML-encoded in breadcrumb
74 * XSCOLIBRI-121 White margin on the left of the buttons area in full screen
75 * XPWATCHLIST-73 RSS feed only works for entire wikis, not for spaces and documents lists
76 * XPWATCHLIST-79 Images placeholders are displayed in the notification email when an object is deleted
78 == Dependencies upgrade
80 * XWIKI-4442 Upgrade to jython 2.5.1
81 * XWIKI-4485 Upgrade to hibernate-validator 4 final
83 = Known issues =
85 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
87 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
89 == General Notes ==
91 {{warning}}If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property to your ##xwiki.cfg## file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in,db2,...##.
92 {{/warning}}
94 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from improvements listed above. If you do so make sure you follow the [[upgrade process>>platform:AdminGuide.Installation#HUpgradingwikidocuments]] in order not to overwrite your existing pages.
96 {{warning}}
97 Always make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg## file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Of note, you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
98 {{/warning}}
100 == API Breakages ==
102 No API breakage.
104 = Dependencies =
106 This release includes the following modules in the specified versions since XWiki Enterprise 2.0 was released.
108 {{error}}
109 TODO
111 Things to include:
112 - admin app in version 1.18 needed at least for
113 - colibri skin at least for
114 - jetty tools at least for
115 {{/error}}

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