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199 199  - Each autosave creates a distinct version, so a long editing session with a short autosave interval will create lots of minor versions.
200 200  - A new version will be saved even if no changes occurred since the last autosave.
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202 - Allowing to ~~upload several attachments~~ in one request
202 + Multiple attachment upload in one request
203 203  Uploading more than one file at once is difficult in web interfaces, since it is impossible to select more than one file in the dialog provided by the browser. It was even more difficult in XWiki, since the user had to scroll down to the attachment area, expand the upload form, browse for a file, submit, wait a lot for the file to be uploaded, and then go back and do all the steps again, several times. We made things a bit easier, by allowing to insert all the wanted files in the form (as distinct file input field), then submit only once.
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205 205  A first improvement is that the upload form is now expanded by default. You will notice the ~~Add another file~~ and the red ~~X~~ buttons. You can add as many fields as you like (keeping in mind that the wiki has a limit on the total size of the upload data), and you can later remove any field wrongly selected. Pressing the ~~Cancel~~ button will restore the form to its initial state, with only one empty file field.
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286 286  Thanks to Guralivu Paul and Lilanne Blaze for providing patches.
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289 289  1.1 Known issues
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291 291  * [Bugs we know about>]

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