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24 24  * We now save both an error summary and a full error description when a mail fails to be sent when using the Database Mail Listener. This allows to see the full stack trace of the problem to more easily debug it.
25 25  * The ##MailResult.isSent()## API has been renamed to ##MailResult.isProcessed()## to avoid thinking that it'll return true if all mails have been sent successfully. What it does is simply return true when all mails have been processed, whether they've been sent successfully or not.
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27 +== Wikis ==
28 +
29 +* A "Wikis" category has been created in the administration, where the configuration have been moved and split in different sections:(((
30 +|=Left menu|=Right menu
31 +|{{image reference="AdminWikis.png"/}}|{{image reference="AdminWikis2.png"/}}
32 +)))
33 +
27 27  == Miscellaneous ==
28 28  
29 29  * A click to the Document Index does not leads to an other space anymore.

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