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50 50  == Distribution Wizard improvements ==
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52 +We changed the labels of the Skip and Cancel buttons from the Distribution Wizard steps. We hope this will remove some of the confusion around these two buttons. Additionally, we added a confirmation pop-up when the Never button (former Cancel) is clicked to prevent users from discarding the Distribution Wizard by mistake.
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54 +{{image reference="dw-welcomeStep.png"/}}
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52 52  === No ##Upgrade Mode## anymore ===
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54 -The upgrade mode has been removed, instead both modes are kind of enabled: it's always proposed to upgrade subwikis from main wiki and the Distribution Wizard is also always enabled on sub-wikis and displayed only if there is something to do.
58 +The Upgrade Mode step has been removed. Instead, both upgrade modes are kind of enabled: you can upgrade your wikis when running the Distribution Wizard on the main wiki, from the Wikis step, but you can also run the Distribution Wizard on each of your wikis separately (like on the main wiki). As a consequence, upgrading the wikis in the Wikis step is now optional: you always get the Continue button. So it's up to you if you want to upgrade the default set of wiki pages on your wikis now or later by accessing each wiki.
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60 +{{image reference="dw-wikisStep.png"/}}
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56 56  === New report step ===
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58 58  A new last step has been introduce to display all the changes made to the wiki and give a chance to do some rollbacks.
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60 60  {{image reference="dw-report.png"/}}
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68 +=== Repair Previous UI ===
69 +
70 +When repairing the previous UI, you can now enter a version that is not on the list by clicking on the pencil icon after the version list box. Moreover, the version list box should contain now all the available stable versions of the recommended UI.
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72 +{{image reference="dw-repairPreviousUI-editVersion"/}}
73 +
74 +On the Wikis step, you can now repair the previous UI on all the available wikis.
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76 +{{image reference="dw-wikisStep-repairPreviousUI.png"/}}
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62 62  == Activity Stream improvements ==
63 63  
64 64  * The name of the wiki where the event has happened is displayed now, if the event concerns an other wiki than the current one.

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