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11 11  [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for XWiki 5.4>>]].
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13 +== Solr Search Improvements ==
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15 +The search facets now support multiple selection. Moreover, selecting a facet value doesn't hide the rest of the values of that facet. You can still see the number of results matching that value. We also decided to display a facet even when it has only one value, so that the user understands that all the results have that value for the specified facet. The facet selection is now preserved when you perform a new search. You can reset the current facets from the header of the facet pane if you want.
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17 +=== Advanced Search Options Removed ===
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19 +We decided to remove the Advanced Search Options (i.e. the search filters) because they weren't visible enough (you had to notice the arrow at the end of the search input) and, most importantly, because most of these options were duplicated by search facets, creating confusion. We integrated into the facet column the filters that were not already present there. The query boost option is no longer available but you can achieve the same thing from the query input and we'll add later a query boost configuration in the search administration section.
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21 +Following this change, we aligned the search input to the left. The reason it was centered before is because we didn't want the advanced search pane to hide the start of the first search results.
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23 +The Result Type facet has the document type selected by default. This is consistent with the old Result Type filter from the Advanced Search Options which was set to include by default only documents in the search results.
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25 +=== Improved File Type Facet ===
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27 +The File Type facet filters results based on the attachment file type. E.g. "documents that have attached images", "text attachments". File types are grouped by category. You can select both an entire category and a specific file type. Categories can be expanded and collapsed.
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29 +{{image reference="searchFileTypeFacet.png"/}}
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31 +=== Improved File Size Facet ===
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33 +The File Size facet lets you filter the results based on the size (in bytes) of the attachments. You can new choose between 4 ranges:
34 +
35 +* tiny (less than 10KB)
36 +* small (between 10KB and 500KB)
37 +* medium (between 500KB and 5MB)
38 +* large (more than 5MB)
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40 +{{image reference="searchFileSizeFacet.png"/}}
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13 13  == Distribution Wizard improvements ==
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15 -=== No Upgrade Mode anymore ===
44 +=== No ##Upgrade Mode## anymore ===
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17 17  The upgrade mode has been removed, instead both modes are kind of enabled: it's always proposed to upgrade subwikis from main wiki and the Distribution Wizard is also always enabled on sub-wikis and displayed only if there is something to do.
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44 44  * In the Activity Stream, the name of the wiki where the event has happened is displayed now, if the event concerns an other wiki than the current one.
45 45  [[{{image reference="activity.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:activity.png]]
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47 -See the [[full list of JIRA issues>><version>%22&tempMax=1000]] fixed in this release.
76 +See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
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49 49  = For Developers =
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