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24 24  * The user/group picker now takes into account [[the User Scope specified when you create a new wiki>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Application||anchor="HCreateanewwiki"]]. If the current wiki supports only global users then the user picker will suggest global users. If the current wiki supports both local and global users then the user picker has a toggle that lets you choose whether to get local or global suggestions.
25 25  * Increased the size of the security cache to improve performances from 500 entries to 10000 entries. This setting could still be overwritten in the infinispan configuration of the cache named This new setting should be sufficient for most usages while the previous default were only valid for small single wiki.
26 26  * Improvement in the wiki descriptor pages. It is now consistent with our [[vertical forms standard>>platform:DevGuide.VerticalForms]].
27 +[[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement1.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement1.png]] [[{{image reference="descriptor-improvement2.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:descriptor-improvement2.png]]
28 +* When the user creates a new wiki, without a template, a message is displayed to explain him the Distribution Wizard will be started to initialize the new created wiki.
29 +[[{{image reference="create-a-wiki-dw.png" width="35%"/}}>>attach:create-a-wiki-dw.png]]
27 27  
28 28  See the [[full list of JIRA issues>><version>%22&tempMax=1000]] fixed in this release.
29 29  

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